Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tori & Mish | JOY TO THE WORLD # 20

Speaking on the phone to Tori one night she was laughing at something on the TV. When I asked what was amusing she replied she had got the new box set of Sex and the City. As a result we have watched the box set so much poor Tori had to buy a new set as we had worn them down. Oops!

Pierre Buttin for reasons known only to them has decided to count how many brands where mentioned in the entire 9 seasons, not only how many brands but also how many times each brand was mentioned. I'm sweating at just thinking how long that took! (I doff my cap in respect).

So here it is for your viewing pleasure, my favourite part has to be my poison of choice: MARTINI!!

Brands and the City: All the brands in Sex And the City - Pierre Buttin

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