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Tori & Mish | JUTE, JAM AND JOY no. 1

When we started this blog we decided to do a monthly Jute, Jam and Joy post to detail our favourite things! Jute would be represented by a handbag or item of clothing we had been lusting after during the month. Jam, by a- you've guessed it- Jam. Finally Joy would be a little something to put a smile on your face. Well, the blog is growing and it's almost September, so without further ado, lets begin...


Charlotte Olympia Bao Bao Perspex Box Clutch

Isn't this cute? With news reaching us that Tian Tian, the Edinburgh Zoo Panda, is pregnant, we couldn't resist cooing over this bag as we eagerly await the new arrival. Charlotte Olympia is known for her kooky designs and she doesn't disappoint with this clutch from her recent  'Shanghai Express' collection. The eyes are crystals and you pull the bamboo leaf upwards to open the bag. We think this would look stunning with an all white ensemble, just imagine walking down the street and seeing this little face peeping out at you. Marvellous!
Although originally from Dundee, Tori spent her high school years living in Arbroath and commuting to school (let's face it, commuting to hang out with friends like Mish) in Dundee. Arbroath, home of the smokie (that'd be a speciality smoked haddock to all you friends overseas) and the magnificent, ruined Arbroath Abbey (which is well worth a visit), is also the location of the Mackays factory. The last commercial producer of marmalade in an area which was once famous the world over for its Jute, Jam and Journalism, Mackays Ltd was founded in 1938 and continues to produce marmalades, preserves, curds and single farm preserves, using their traditional methods.
Their jams and marmalades have been breakfast table staples for years due to their great quality, local heritage and incredibly reasonable prices. We love their Scottish Strawberry & their Scottish Raspberry Preserves, (only £1.50): made using locally sourced fruit, Tori gets a kick out of the fact that they are vegan friendly. If you're feeling adventurous why not give their delicious Rhubarb and Ginger jam a try? You can find them in your local supermarket, buy online, or if you're in the area pop to their factory shop at James Chalmers Road, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 3LR, open on weekdays.
Sean Bean as Sharpe

One of the many things that united us in the early days of our friendship was Sean Bean and Sharpe in general. (Remember Sharpe? It can't just be us and middle aged women.)
Oh what a man! What an outfit and that accent- well  ;). On one of her many travels through the internet, Mish came across this clip on YouTube and had to share it with Tori. The perfectly timed German word for poop really makes this clip, but it also left us wishing Sean Bean would bust into rooms shouting our names. Ah, a girl can dream! For some reason we cannot get the video to upload on the Blog so click JOY and let the Sean Bean, Sharpe-y ridiculousness put a smile on your face!

Well there it is, our first Jute, Jam and Joy post. As always, we would love to hear from you so leave a comment below. Also if you know of any Jams you think we would like then leave a comment or email us at:
Thanks all!

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Tori | ALMOST AUTUMN: morning skincare routine

Happy Sunday everyone! As the summer seems to be winding down (sad face) I thought I'd do a few skincare posts. I don't know about you guys but my sensitive and spot-prone skin does not react well to changes in the weather. I have mild eczema which tends to flare up (especially on my hands) with every change of season. For the first in my ALMOST AUTUMN skincare series I thought I'd start with facial products. Finding a quick and easy morning skincare routine has been a little tricky but I can happily say that this trio strikes a great balance: soothing, luxurious, moisturising and lightweight.

1. First things first I cleanse with the Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel, this supersized tube is currently on offer on Elemis' website for £28.50. I apply the gel to dry skin (using dry fingers) and give myself a little bit of a facial massage before wetting my fingers and massaging my skin once more. The gel transforms from translucent to a creamy opaque light lather. I remove it by splashing my face with tepid water and sometimes run a damp muslin cloth over my skin for a mild exfoliation. Am I the only one who doesn't feel like I've washed my face unless I've splashed with water? Well for some people with sensitive skin, using water (particularly if it's too hot or too cold) can cause discomfort. If you've experienced this in the past but like to use water to rinse your face, I'd urge you to give this melting gel cleanser a try. It's fabulous for greasy skin with large pores. Elemis say:

Elemis Promise"Using scientific dual-phase technology, this ultra purifying cleanser is perfect for challenged, tired, dull or stressed skin. Skin protective organic Argan Oil, mattifying Rice Silk and purifying Rosemary Leaf are combined with powerful anti-pollution Moringa Peptides.Delicately melting from a luxurious gel, to a rich milk, the complexion is instantly transformed and cleansed, without compromising the skin’s delicate microflora.
The result is a silky smooth and purified skin..." Elemis also state that they do not test on animals.

If this is just a little too pricey you could try the 125ml size for £22, or keep an eye out on QVCUK's beauty pages for a kit which combines this product with some other goodies (these kits are great value and the extra products can always be kept for gifts).

If Elemis is out of your budget at the minute why not try Avène Eau Thermale Gentle Gel Cleanser, £12 for 200ml from Boots.

2. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is absolutely beautiful. It has a lovely fresh, botanical scent and instantly refreshes and balances my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and soothed. The scent also helps to gently wake me up in the mornings! Liz Earle says:

"This heavenly floral-scented, non-drying toner refreshes, soothes and brightens your skin. Gentle and alcohol-free, it also adds a fine layer of moisture.

Naturally active ingredients include aloe vera to revitalise and soften and calendula, chamomile, cucumber and natural source vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin."

This is a product I have used for many years and in my view it trumps the lovely Elemis balancing lavender toner, £22 for 200ml. It's also a relatively good price at just £13.25 for the same volume. Given the high quality of the ingredients and the results, I'd go as far as to say this is my favourite toner of all time. You can try this product for as little as £5.50 for a 30ml spritzer bottle. I really love the variety of volumes Liz Earle offer their products in- the smaller ones are great travel or try me sizes. See my Top 5 Simple Products post for some purse-friendly skincare alternatives.

Incredibly unflattering hand-shot. Oh dear. You can see the skin around my knuckles is feeling sorry for itself. Anyway, top: Elemis cleansing gel before it's been moistened. Below: Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser in normal/combination. 

3. On to moisturiser, arguably the most difficult of all skincare products for me to get right. Yet, for this time of year when my skin is both breaking out and feeling a little chapped and thirsty all of a sudden, nothing beats this Skin Repair Moisturiser in Normal/Combination, £19.25 for a 50ml tube.

I smooth a pea-sized amount over my face and the same again over my neck and décolleté, using upward strokes. I feel like this product really nourishes my skin. I have rather oily skin so I do tend to experience a bit of shine throughout the day when I've used this product. I have issues with sore, dry skin so I feel I need this level of moisture. Perhaps using the light version on my T-zone and normal/combination on my cheeks would be a great combination. Here's the blurb:

"This perfectly balanced moisturiser softens, smooths and conditions skin for a naturally healthy-looking glow.

Rich in natural actives, including borage oil (a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA) and natural antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and help protect against dryness.

Massage into face and neck, morning and night, after Instant Boost Skin Tonic.

Naturally active ingredients include borage and avocado oils to moisturise and smooth."

Top marks for Liz Earle!

All in all, this is a great routine for me for this time of year. I know it's not the snappiest post in history but if you're struggling with weather-aggravated skin then it might be of some use to you. Likewise I'm always really keen to hear what works for you. What's your 'almost autumn' routine?

Images- copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.
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All these opinions are my own, I have no affiliation with any of the companies listed and bought all these products myself.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

T&M | Beauty Fails: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

Now we know this will be controversial but neither of us like the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint range.

Take a deep breath and let us set the scene.

Act 1: Scene 1
Summer time the year 2013, Tori and Mish are in Superdrug browsing the beauty aisles. The girls soon wonder over to the Barry M section.

Mish: "Wow look at this colour its so pretty...Lychee what a lovely name! I've been wanting to try these."
Tori: "Don't buy it- they're crap."
Mish: "Oh really?"
Tori: "Yep."

Tori then begins to describe in great detail how awful Gelly Nail polish is, how it peels and applies streakily and remains tacky.

Act 1: Scene 2:
A few months later, it's Mish's birthday and she is opening her gifts from Tori.

Mish: "Oh wow the Gelly nail varnish in Lychee, cheers love, but I though you said they were crap..."
Tori: "I did, but I thought I would let you try and see what you think, maybe they just don't work for me?"

Later that evening Mish attempts to paint her nails with Barry M's Gelly Polish. It's a disaster: streaky, takes forever to dry, then begins to peel and chip. "Oh no!" she thinks, "Tori was right all along!"
Lychee promptly meets Mish's rubbish bin.

Act 2: Scene 1:
Six months later Mish is in Tesco and notices they have started selling Barry M nail varnishes.
Curious, she picks up two regular varnishes then her hand hovers over the Gellys. In a moment of weakness she picks up the 'Blue Grape'. Its 2 for 3 she reasons, "Technically, I'm not paying for it."

Act 2: Scene 2:
At home Mish decides to paint her nails. The first coat is a struggle to put on, but she perseveres. The second coat- even more of a struggle. Why is this so difficult and hard to do, she wonders? It's like glue and very thick. The end result in no way resembles the images she's seen on other blogs. Further discussion is required. She calls Tori.
Mish: "I caved, I bought another bottle of the Gelly. I couldn't help it, it!"
Tori: "Was is rubbish like that last one?"
Mish: "Aye, they're still rubbish."

Lovely colour, not so lovely formula

Act 3: Final Scene:
Curious to see if anyone agrees with our view on Barry M's Gelly Shine polish range, the girls scour the internet for reviews. There all positive. Tori and Mish come to the conclusion either we keep buying duds or other people just nail polish whisperers.  Fin.

Now just to explain, although we're not trained nail technicians we are skilled at the art of applying nail varnish. (Bunking off school to go the beauty department in Marks and Spencer, and painting each nail a different colour will do that to a girl). However, we simply cannot endorse these Barry M nail varnishes. We love Barry M as a company but the Gellys, in our eyes, are disasters and we simply cannot fathom what exactly it is that other people love about them. Surely we can't be alone in our opinion?

 Barry M Gelly's I'm afraid its a Beauty Fail from us.

Do you agree with our opinion? We really would love to hear as the unanimous vote seems that these are amazing, we are both stumped by that idea. Leave us a comment down below we love hearing from you! Thank You!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Nails on Friday ~ Maybelline Color Show Love Lillac

Maybelline Color Show Love Lillac

It's been a crappy week in the Mish household and I needed a little pick me up. On a trip to ASDA I saw Maybelline had a sale on and thought why not? My nail polish collection consists of dark or bright colours, very few pales. Wanting to branch out a little Maybelline Colour Show in Love Lillac caught my eye. The formula and cool colour tone reminds me of Essie's Bikini So Teeny.

A closer shot of the blue/pink shimmer in the polish.

The lilac is a beautiful pastel which contains a blue and pink shimmer. First coat is very opaque and second coat helps a lot but I would suggest 3 thin coats to get full coverage.
The first time I applied the polish in two thin coats it took forever to dry and as a result smudged to buggery. A reason for this I believe may be due to the fact I used O.P.I Nail Envy as a base coat, creating a very shiny base, possibly not allowing the polish to grip to my nail.

Next time I tried with my Leighton Denny Undercover base coat which creates a matt base allowing your polish to grip the nail better. The two thin coats applied much better this time and no smudging but still that long lasting feeling of tackiness :( Once dried, I applied my top coat which was Sally Hansen Double Duty and waited...

Yes, spell check did not like me writing Lillac :)

Second time round the polish was much improved but the next day when I accidentally bashed my hand the nail polish started to push up on some nails. In addition, on closer inspection some nails had the dreaded bumps on them where it would just not apply smoothly.

Had to resort to indoor photography, horrible weather this week in Dundee.

In conclusion Maybelline Colour Show in Love Lillac is a wonderful pastel colour but the formula lets it down. Other colours in the Maybelline Colour Show collection have good reviews so it may just be this shade that doesn't work well. (I find pale polishes in general are the hardest to work with). I'll probably only use this polish when I have a lot of spare time to apply it, you couldn't do a rushed job with it. Another use for Love Lillac could be as a mixer with other polishes, I think mixing this with a strong white could help create a denser formula, allowing the shimmer come through even stronger.

So Love Lillac hasn't been relegated to our Beauty Fails section but it isn't what I hoped it would be. 
Does anyone else find pales colours the worst to work with? 
Leave a comment below we love to hear from you!

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Tori | JOY TO THE WORLD # 24

Happy Friday ladies and remember... watch out for those playboys over the weekend ;)

No copyright infringement intended.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mish | Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo Review

I first heard about Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo whilst reading some magazine and was intrigued. Honestly I do not like Dove products; or to be more precise the smell. The strong odour of soap that you can smell a mile off, actually churns my stomach! So I was a little apprehensive when I decided to purchase a can, surely it couldn't be as bad as I remember?

I'm very particular about Dry Shampoo. I don't want to turn grey and just want my greasy roots mopped up. Price is also a problem; some are extortionate (side eye Bumble Bumble).  Frankly I don't believe dry shampoos should cost more than £2.50, but a girl can dream eh? In the end I always come crawling back to Batiste, but hate how it makes hair dull. The brunette version looks tempting but I refuse to pay £3 extra just because I'm a brunette. It really bugs me when companies pull this stunt. (I'm coming across as a right miser on posts recently, I assure I'm not)

Must say the packaging is lovely and clean.

Well what to say, I kinda love this stuff. I applied it on three day old hair with rather greasy roots and it cleaned up nicely. With my reviewing cap on I glowered as I noticed a white dust forming on my hair, then realised I was holding the can about 5 cm away from my scalp. Oops! Once rectified, the spray is translucent and can be rubbed in straight away, no waiting, then brush it through. Hair becomes soft, not crispy or grey. I have sensitive skin and am happy to report this does not cause me any reaction and my hair feels clean, light and not flaky.

Only issue, you guessed it; the scent. Oh it's mighty strong, and soapy. I always apply perfume to my hair and worry that it will mix badly with this scent. After on hour I can still smell it, this could be a deal breaker for me. If  Dove releases it without a scent then this could be my dream dry shampoo, until then I guess I'll have to try and stomach the smell.

If you are after a new dry shampoo and don't mind a very powerful scent, then I would highly recommend Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo which is currently on offer at ASDA

So have you tried any new Dry Shampoos? Do you have a favourite? Who agrees we shouldn't pay more due to our hair colour? Let us know in the comments section we love hearing from you! 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nails on Friday ~ Formula X for Sephora: Massive

Hello Lovelies!

This weeks polish of choice: Formula X for Sephora in the colour Massive.

 Massive sits in the green section of the Formula X stand. It looks grey but let me assure you there is a green tinge to it. I would describe the colour as grey/dark oily green, like the colour you would see on the forecourt of a garage (random I know ha). However on the website they call it more a "Charcoal Blue", green maybe but not blue in my eyes.

What I love about Formula X is that their colours don't fit into specific brackets, there was always something interesting in the colour ranges which I find really exciting about a nail brand. Formula X are not playing it safe, me likey!

The polish applies beautifully with a smooth and even glossy finish. The squarish cap removes to produce a standard round lid for easy handling whilst painting your nails, and the brush is the perfect length. Its main magic however is how long Formula X lasts on the nails. I wore this for 8 days in Chicago and only started noticing chips after day 6. I am mightily impressed with this stuff.

On a side note, take a look at what came up when I typed Massive into the search space on the Formula X website:

Click for bigger photo 

Frankly I was bemused, I understand companies play a part in protecting the vulnerable from harm on line but it's a nail polish! If a company is worried about rude words (Massive is not rude in this context) why name your product it then? I had to Google Formula X Massive in order to get to the correct page. Not a good look.

The website is actually pretty amazing once you understand it, allowing you to interact with the brand and send in your own photos which is how I stumbled upon this. Call me prudish but it won't allow you to search for Massive but #NailPorn is allowed. Hmmm?

Click for bigger photo

I hope someday Formula X comes to the UK shores (seeing as it's 'Made in UK' ), why it doesn't sell here I've no idea. In my honest opinion Formula X would knock Nails Inc. as the number one nail brand in the U.K, reason being, it won't chip on you after an hour like Nails Inc. has a habit of doing.

Apart from the website gripe Formula X nail varnishes are one of the best I have tried. Fact! They are long lasting, amazing colours and give a lovely look to the nails. As long as you don't type in naughty words on the website, you should get your mits on a bottle ASAP, as they are worth the money. Not often I say that :)

Has anyone else tried Formula X? Had a funny issue with a website? Leave us a comment we love hearing from you!

P.S. I managed to accidentally delete the photos of my nails with Massive painted on them, but what I will say is the colour in the bottle is true to what you get on your nails.

Photos copyright of Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014
All views my own, I have no association with Formula X or Sephora.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Liebster Award

Hi guys! We were really excited to be nominated by Alexandra Marie to take part in the Liebster Award. We had never heard about it before but when we saw it described on Alexandra's blog as an award 'given to bloggers by other bloggers in order to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogging world', we couldn't wait to take part. We hope you have fun reading our responses!
  1. List 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who's nominated you.
  3. Write 11 new questions.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers to answer your questions.
  5. Remember to let the bloggers know you nominated them.
11 Facts About Us
  1. We are both from Dundee.
  2. Mish's birthday is in July and Tori's is in September.
  3. We are both terrified of spiders.
  4. We both studied history at university.
  5. If Tori could have a superpower she'd love to be able to stop time and Mish wants to fly.
  6. Our favourite colour is blue.
  7. Mish's favourite holiday destination is NYC and Tori's is Ravello, Italy.
  8. Mish's favourite pudding is Black Forest Gateaux.
  9. We both love Pimms.
  10. Mish's favourite book is the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.
  11. We once had a major disagreement about My Chemical Romance and Katie Melua, Mish loved MCR and couldn't stand Katie... Tori loved Katie and hated MCR. Oh dear.
Alexandra Marie's Questions:
  1. What's your favorite TV show?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. Favorite Youtubers (if you watch Youtube)?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. Coffee or tea?
  6. Favorite store?
  7. Do you have any special talents?
  8. What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?
  9. Favorite musical artist?
  10. What do you like to do in your free time?
  11. Do you have any current favorite fashion trends?
Our answers:
  1. Mish: E.R. Tori: Made in Chelsea
  2. Mish decided that she would like to start a blog to offer unique perspectives on beauty products by having two resident bloggers. After much persuasion Tori came on board and the blog was born as a broader platform with a focus on lifestyle, culture and beauty. 
  3. Essiebutton, Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter, Sunbeamsjess, grav3yardgirl
  4. Tori: I'd love to be an adult literacy teacher. Mish: I want to curate a museum.
  5. Mish: tea. Tori: coffee.
  6. We love Boots. So help us.
  7. Tori: I do some killer accents. Mish: can play the baritone and used to be a majorette!
  8. Both: graduating from university.
  9. Mish: Queen. Tori: Probably HAIM.
  10. Mish: read, watch films. Tori: watch YouTube videos, doodle.
  11. We tend to do our own thing.
Our Questions:
  1. If you could only use one beauty brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. If you could be any film character, who would you be?
  3. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  4. Milk hot chocolate or white hot chocolate?
  5. Sweet or sour?
  6. If you could go back in time, would you and where would you go?
  7. Which of your own blog posts is your favourite?
  8. What's your favourite flavour of jam (jelly if you are in the U.S.)?
  9. Have you ever visited Scotland?
  10. Who is your favourite/ most respected historical figure?
  11. Describe your biggest beauty disaster?

Thanks for nominating us Alexandra, we'd like to nominate:
Please check out these great blog and we hope our nominees can find the time to take part but if you can't we won't hold it against you! :p Happy Thursday everyone!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Blondie. Who doesn't love her. Many a years have been spent dancing along to her music in our bedrooms, Mish even wanted to dye and cut her hair like Debbie, but thankfully stopped at the dying process. Dark Brunette to bleach blonde, would have only ended in tears.

Debbie Harry (and the rest of the band) personified cool to us. The way she performs in this video is just perfection and we love the fact that even thought they were seen as the fore runners of New Wave / Punk that didn't stop them from verging into other territories (disco) Class act can turn their hand to anything. Enjoy!

Blondie: Heart of Glass

Jute, Jam and Joy hold and claim no rights to this video.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Jute Jam and Joy does... the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

Pure, Dead, Brilliant!

At the end of July we were super excited to attend two Commonwealth Games events. The first took place in Carnoustie or Barry Buddon, to be more precise, for the shooting. Then we hot-footed it to Glasgow to Ibrox stadium for the final instalment of the Rugby Sevens. Even the amount of walking we had to do didn't put a damper on an amazing day.

Mish was slightly over-enthusiastic when it came to applying for tickets and didn't realise she had applied for two events on the same day. So when she received confirmation of the tickets she had secured, it came as rather a big surprise, and the mother of all planning missions began! Should we drive? Will the trains run on time? HOW MUCH FOR A HOTEL ROOM?! (Travel Lodge saved the day!)

Part of the lovely Carnoustie countryside
The big day finally arrived (woop woop) and we got into the spirit of things from the get-go. We parked near the Carnoustie  Golf Hotel and enjoyed a pleasant stroll in the sun as we made our way to the designated bus stop. Hurrah, we found the bus (couldn't exactly miss it could you?) and promptly made a beeline for the backseats. What complete badasses we were. Off we trundled to Barry Buddon, where we embarked on another mini hike to the 'enclosure'.  We bumbled around, had a peak at the indoor events and then yet another walk to the 700m shooting range (walking is a recurring theme in today's post).

One of the many paths walked that day (all worth it though)
700m Shooting Range
It was a close round

 The staff were all really friendly and helpful and we had a great time watching the men's qualifiers. Sadly we couldn't stay to watch the finals as we had a strict schedule to stick to. It was time to leg it to Glasgow. Hence, our experience of the shooting was short and sweet. Side note- the amount of people not wearing ear plugs was frankly baffling, how did they manage not to go deaf?

We got home in time for a bite to eat and a quick change of outer layers (we were rocking long cardigans, kimonos, lightweight jackets throughout the trip- you name it, we wore it) before shooting off to the train station. Mish's organisational prowess saw us arrive at the station over an hour early. The poor love had misread the times on our tickets and had a bit of a red face (...sorry Tori!) however we found the (newly?) revamped bar at train station and enjoyed a couple of cooling beverages.

Scotland really has some beautiful views!
The time flew by. We eventually boarded our train and enjoyed a little quiet time before finally arriving in Glasgow. We battled the crowds at Queen Street Station before discovering the taxi rank had moved. Ack- nightmare! Finally we got cab to our hotel. The driver was lovely, a hive of local knowledge, his advice included but was not limited to: the best route to Ibrox; and, which roads to steer clear of (lest we encroach on the territory of erm, ladies of the night. God forbid.)

Proper footwear was a must!
We settled into our room and indulged in a few snacks and a quick spruce up before we went in search of Ibrox. We caught a bus, almost missed our stop and went for another walk. We arrived, couldn't find our seats, eventually got to our section and it then transpired that nobody was actually sitting in their designated seats. Humph! We managed to bag a couple of aisle seats in the right row and settled down to enjoy the games.

Wales v.s England
Such a tight match, but England nabbed it in the end!

Our old school even popped up much to our surprise- they sadly lost but they made a good effort nonetheless. The atmosphere was great even though we felt like the only sober supporters there! As the sun went down and the pitch lights came on we really got into the swing of things. After a series of failed and then successful Mexican waves and a few terrifying trips to the ladies, it was almost time to call it a night. South Africa claimed a shock victory over the reigning champions, New Zealand. Cue uproarious cheering. We slipped out a few minutes early and managed to avoid the hoards, picked up a chip supper, briskly walked through the muggy Glasgow air and arrived at our hotel shattered but very content. We cracked open some Crabbie's alcohol ginger beer and kicked back on our massive shared bed (minor planning slip-up). What a day!

The next day we had time to do what we wanted so we went back to Glasgow City Centre and soaked up the Commonwealth atmosphere!

Next days war wound :)

George Square, Glasgow

The store was hoachin!

Want a good view of Buchanan St, head to John Lewis's restaurant.

Who doesn't love people watching?

A really lovely day and an amazing time for Scottish / U.K sport  as a whole!
#Glasgow 2014

 So did you enjoy Glasgow 2014? Did you manage to get tickets or just watched from home?
Leave us a comment below about your Commonwealth adventure!

All images copyright Mish & Tori @ Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014. We have no connection to Travelodge, the rooms were paid personally by us.

Tori and Mish | JOY TO THE WORLD # 23

Mish sent me this in the early hours of the morning so I knew it was going to be good...

Poor Max, thanks for the laugh though. Just what we needed! Happy Saturday everyone!

Disclaimer: Jute, Jam and Joy claim no right to this video.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Tori | take the weight off | Liz Earle foot care

  • Liz Earle is one of my favourite beauty brands.
  • Feet aren't a particularly sexy topic for a blog post.
  • Sometimes my tootsies need some lovin: your tootsies might need some lovin too.
  • Here are my favourite products.
  • Surprise, surprise, they're all Liz Earle.

When I get home I immediately kick off my shoes and wander round barefoot. [I'm trying to get into slippers as I'm so clumsy and constantly banging my toes but I'm not feeling it.] If I'm not ready to take a shower or have to do a quick change before I shoot out again, then I spray my feet with this really refreshing foot spritzer which retails at £7.75 for 75mls. I love the blend of menthol, aloe vera, peppermint and rosemary essential oils and can attest to the cooling and invigorating properties of this product. It is rather potent (but surely that's the point) but compares favourably to other foot sprays that choke you to death (I'm looking at you Body Shop). I took this to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and it came in really handy after a packed day of activities and seemingly endless walking. (Mish seemed to enjoy it too!)

On the regular my routine goes something like this:

I give my feet a quick scrub when I'm in the shower with this lovely, gentle exfoliator (£11 for 100ml). The blend of avocado and wheat germ oils, as well as peppermint and rosemary essential oils combine to make this an invigorating yet indulgent product. I love the texture too, the particles are large enough and just abrasive enough to be effective at tackling the rough or hardened skin on feet but they're not sharp.

When I've dried my feet I proceed to slather them in Liz's extremely rich, buttery foot repair moisturiser (£13.50 for 100mls). This is a gorgeous product containing many of the foot care oil and ingredients found in the rest of the range but with the glorious addition of shea butter. Mish and I are shea fiends- we cannot get enough of the stuff. (Fellow shea lovers, keep your eyes peeled for her L'Occitane foot cream review!) The website says 'Foot Repair Moisturiser sinks in fast to moisturise and smooth dry skin on heels and soles. This heavenly-scented cream provides soothing care to tired, aching feet and lower legs. Gently massage in with upward strokes especially heels, rough or dry areas and lower legs.' I agree completely- this is now a staple in my routine and will be a definite repurchase as I've just run out of my travel sized (pictured above).

Depending on how dry my skin is or how tired and heavy my legs are feeling, I'll follow up with some energising body lotion (£18 for 150mls), applied liberally to my calves and thighs. This lightweight lotion smells divine, sinks in beautifully and feels equally nourishing and uplifting. Containing 19 'naturally active botanicals', it can help improve appearance & elasticity of the skin, whilst firming and toning. In my view it has a rather strong fragrance which may not be to everyone's liking. My mother loves this lotion but agrees that the smell would put her off using this product on her top half as it's just so potent. You've been warned!

Above from left: energising body lotion; foot scrub; foot repair moisturiser

I love all of these products, they are natural and cruelty free and this combined with some seriously amazing quality ingredients, make for an indulgent and nourishing foot care routine! Highly recommended!

I have purchased these products myself and have no affiliation to Liz Earle. All opinions are my own. All images copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mish | Beauty Fails: L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Anti Redness Cream

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to Beauty Fails. Pretty self explanatory oui?

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Anti Redness Cream

Oh lord where to begin...

Act 1: Scene 1
Day of my graduation photos and I'm panicing. I'm naturally red in the face and on photo day (due to stress) I was very red in the face. Stupidly I decide to purchase some anti-redness cream as (in my eyes) my normal products weren't working; so I bombed it to Boots.

Security took a shine to me (maybe it was the redness?) that day and constantly circled the aisle I was in adding to my stress. Frantically looking for anything with anti-redness, L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Anti Redness Cream caught my eye. There was no tester so I picked it up, ran to the check out and paid for my item (much to the security guards disgruntlement).

Act 1: Scene 2
Finally home with an hour to get ready for scheduled photos. I cleanse my face and crack open my new purchase. Applying cream to the back of my hand I'm relieved to see it's green, however I noticed little dark bits floating in the cream, hmm? This must be extra the anti-redness thingy and began to application...

So far so good

Shit then got real...

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Anti Redness Cream is wonderful for those who are orange.
Thankfully my tears managed to wipe away the mess I had created on my face and I applied my normal make up making my photos on time.

Act 1: Scene 3:Once arriving home, I inspected my horror purchase closer. The little floaty bits are in fact

"The magic Smart Pigment Capsules in a feather-light green hydrator transform into foundation on application. Helps neutralise the appearance of redness. A perfect nude look with buildable light-weight coverage."

This did not help console me that I paid £10 for the fecker. I applied some to my arm to test it out again, had me eyes deceived me in my mad rush to get ready? Nope. It actually turned more orange as the evening went on. A few weeks later I returned to the cream and tried it on my mum who has naturally tanned skin. It works beautifully on her and the claims it makes on the back are true. A flawless coverage with a healthy glow and countering the redness.

Final Scene:
Partly this beauty fail is my own fault for not testing the product out before purchase, as there were no testers available and I hate opening products, this eases my conscious a little.
If you are an olive / tanned skin tone this would work for you, if you're pale avoid at all costs. My mum rarely wears make up so this has been relegated to my fancy dress make up pile (yes I have one hehe). Final note; never panic buy make up, it always end in a Beauty Fail!

So there we have it our first Beauty Fail. Do you have a horror stories to tell us? Blind bought a product before? Let us know in the comments below we love hearing from you!

Disclaimer: I purchased product myself, these are my own views. I have no association with any companies shown. 
                    Photos copyright Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy 2014
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hello Lovelies

First Aid Kit

Bumbling around Spotify one night I came across Swedish Folk duo, First Aid Kit.
I am so glad I found these two as their music is simply wonderful and listening to it really helped through a stressful time at university. 

One of my favourite songs of theirs is actually a cover track originally by Fever Ray, I'm not a massive fan of covers but this is just beautiful.

First Aid Kit - When I Grow Up 

Disclaimer: Jute, Jam and Joy claim no right to this video.
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Monday, 11 August 2014

Mish | JOY TO THE WORLD # 22

I adore micro pigs! Aren't they soo cute, yes they do grow up but they're still adorable to me whatever their size. YouTube allows me to indulge in my obsession and I came across this little cutie pie!

Hamlet the Mini Pig - Goes Down the Stairs

Disclaimer: Jute, Jam and Joy do not take rights to the clip. It is the property of  PiggyGirl2010

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tori | best deodorants

We all know summer can get a bit sticky (even in bonny Scotland). No-one likes to feel like a sweaty Betty, especially if you're on the go and don't have the opportunity to constantly freshen up. So here's my pick of long-lasting deodorants:

1. Mitchum Ultimate Cream Pure Fresh 45G, £4.99 at Tesco. This products claims to fight odour and wetness by releasing pure oxygen as your body temperature rises which fights the odour causing bacteria. I really like the product. I use it  before bed or after a shower and find it does typically last 48hrs. The cream itself has quite a strong, fresh smell but it does fade a little on the skin and I don't find it unpleasant. A definite repurchase and my pick of the bunch.

2. Sure Women Maximum Protection Sensitive Cream Antiperspirant Deodorant 45Ml, £4.90, at Tesco. This product works in three ways: max wetness production, fights odour and moisturises. I enjoy this product and reach for this sensitive version if I've just shaved. It also lasts 48hrs. My mum also loves this product and I've used it for months with no problems. Just recently though I found the scent to be almost overpowering. I think I may have been feeling a bit sensitive that day although if you are very sensitive you smell you may be better off trying my next pick.

3. Garnier Deodorant  Mineral 48hr Ultra Dry 250Ml, £1.50 at Tesco and currently on buy 1 get 1 free. This one has been designed to keep you protected even against stress, extreme heat and during sport. I have tried almost all the aerosols in this range. I don't find there to be a great deal of difference between them but if you have noticed any then let me know! I like all the mineral 48hr sprays and think this is the most effective range of aerosol deodorants I have ever tried.

What's your favourite deodorant?

I purchased these products myself and have no affiliation to any companies mentioned. All opinions are my own. Image copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.

Tori | Garnier Ultimate Blends haircare review

I've been trying out Garnier Ultimate Blends, The Silky Smoother, collection for a few months and I have to say that I've not been bowled over. Garnier say: 'Life can be tough on your hair. That’s why we’ve spent 7 years creating a new range of hair care products, specifically for you, with the help of over 25,000 women. Made with an exquisite blend of naturally sourced ingredients, our Ultimate Blends are tailor-made to tackle the hair problems life throws your way.'
The Silky products boast 'a sensuously creamy blend with Madagascan Vanilla milk and Brazilian ‘Fruit of the Angels’ Papaya extracts, smooths the look and feel of split ends, leaving hair looking shiny and strokably soft, as if transformed.' The products smell divine and the shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling clean and smelling beautiful but I didn't notice ay improvement/ smoothing effect on my split ends.
I did like Garnier's handy online tool to match your hair needs with products from their range. The Silky Smoother range consists of a shampoo, hair exfoliator, conditioner and a dry shampoo; it's been designed for mid to long locks with split ends. I have tried all of the products in conjunction, for an extended period of time, so I feel like I've given the products a fair chance. So how do the individual products measure up against Garnier's claims:
1. The shampoo smells divine and left my hair feeling quite smooth. One point. On to Garnier's next claim, smooth ends? Nope, didn't notice any difference. No points.
2. The 1 minute polishing scrub (pictured below), again smelled lovely and had a nice thick creamy texture however I didn't feel like there were anywhere near enough exfoliating beads to make a difference. This product felt just like a run-of-the-mill conditioning mask. It left my hair soft but no difference on the split end front.
3. The conditioner was one of my least favourite products in the range. It was incredibly thin and runny- not very practical.
4. The dry shampoo was, in my eyes, an abomination. It was so strongly and cheaply fragranced that I nearly choked to death when I first used it. It did nothing to freshen my hair and I felt you had to use an awful lot of it. It ran out very quickly.
Used in conjunction I found the range (with the exclusion of the dry shampoo) left my hair sweet-smelling and fairly soft. I noticed no split end smoothing results. If your hair is in good nick and you're just interested in a picking up a nice smelling everyday shampoo then go right ahead. However, I couldn't in all conscience say I'd repurchase any of these products.
All opinions are my own. I purchased these products myself. All images copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tori | long time no see...

Hello there blog friends! It's been a while since I've touched base and felt the need to rectify that. As you might know if you're following us on twitter, I've not been feeling very well since our trip to Barry Buddon/ Ibrox for the Commonwealth Games. Sad face.

Anyway, my health has been a bit up and down ever since but I'm finally feeling more like my old self. Yay!

I've started to have Jute, Jam and Joy withdrawals so I'm back with a bumper selection of beauty posts. Stay tuned!

Image copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.