Saturday, 30 August 2014

T&M | Beauty Fails: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

Now we know this will be controversial but neither of us like the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint range.

Take a deep breath and let us set the scene.

Act 1: Scene 1
Summer time the year 2013, Tori and Mish are in Superdrug browsing the beauty aisles. The girls soon wonder over to the Barry M section.

Mish: "Wow look at this colour its so pretty...Lychee what a lovely name! I've been wanting to try these."
Tori: "Don't buy it- they're crap."
Mish: "Oh really?"
Tori: "Yep."

Tori then begins to describe in great detail how awful Gelly Nail polish is, how it peels and applies streakily and remains tacky.

Act 1: Scene 2:
A few months later, it's Mish's birthday and she is opening her gifts from Tori.

Mish: "Oh wow the Gelly nail varnish in Lychee, cheers love, but I though you said they were crap..."
Tori: "I did, but I thought I would let you try and see what you think, maybe they just don't work for me?"

Later that evening Mish attempts to paint her nails with Barry M's Gelly Polish. It's a disaster: streaky, takes forever to dry, then begins to peel and chip. "Oh no!" she thinks, "Tori was right all along!"
Lychee promptly meets Mish's rubbish bin.

Act 2: Scene 1:
Six months later Mish is in Tesco and notices they have started selling Barry M nail varnishes.
Curious, she picks up two regular varnishes then her hand hovers over the Gellys. In a moment of weakness she picks up the 'Blue Grape'. Its 2 for 3 she reasons, "Technically, I'm not paying for it."

Act 2: Scene 2:
At home Mish decides to paint her nails. The first coat is a struggle to put on, but she perseveres. The second coat- even more of a struggle. Why is this so difficult and hard to do, she wonders? It's like glue and very thick. The end result in no way resembles the images she's seen on other blogs. Further discussion is required. She calls Tori.
Mish: "I caved, I bought another bottle of the Gelly. I couldn't help it, it!"
Tori: "Was is rubbish like that last one?"
Mish: "Aye, they're still rubbish."

Lovely colour, not so lovely formula

Act 3: Final Scene:
Curious to see if anyone agrees with our view on Barry M's Gelly Shine polish range, the girls scour the internet for reviews. There all positive. Tori and Mish come to the conclusion either we keep buying duds or other people just nail polish whisperers.  Fin.

Now just to explain, although we're not trained nail technicians we are skilled at the art of applying nail varnish. (Bunking off school to go the beauty department in Marks and Spencer, and painting each nail a different colour will do that to a girl). However, we simply cannot endorse these Barry M nail varnishes. We love Barry M as a company but the Gellys, in our eyes, are disasters and we simply cannot fathom what exactly it is that other people love about them. Surely we can't be alone in our opinion?

 Barry M Gelly's I'm afraid its a Beauty Fail from us.

Do you agree with our opinion? We really would love to hear as the unanimous vote seems that these are amazing, we are both stumped by that idea. Leave us a comment down below we love hearing from you! Thank You!

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