Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Natural Konjac Sponge Review

Sorry, what? I hear you cry! Yes for the past few weeks I have been using a sponge to cleanse my face, a Konjac sponge to be exact. 

The Konjac sponge is an import from the ever wonderful Asian beauty market. The sponges can vary in size and originate from the Konjac plant, also known as the devil's tongue, voodoo lily, and snake palm. This alone makes me love the sponge.

The Konjac Plant

Last month, the skin on my face became very temperamental and sensitive, my rosacea flared up and my skin became heavily congested. I am putting it down to the viral bug I had over Christmas/ New Year’s seeking its final revenge but nevertheless, it wasn't fun. Reverting to a simple cleansing routine coinciding with wearing minimal to no makeup helped significantly but my face still needed something a little stronger but still gentle to really clean it out.

The Konjac Sponge

Enter stage left, Spa to You Natural Konjac Sponge. I received this sponge in a Glossybox last year and it has been sitting on my beauty shelf waiting for its starring role. As the sponge is more gentle than regular scrubs it's ideal for daily exfoliating and is PH Balanced so it won’t throw off your skin's PH levels. As it's made from natural fibers it doesn't contain any preservatives, chemicals, and no added colours. Being 100% Biodegradable means no worries when you dispose of the sponge nor will it linger in the water system like Microbeads.

Hard to show the difference but this is what the sponge looks like wet, without any cleanser on it

How to use a Konjac Sponge

Step 1: Soak the sponge in warm water for a few minutes, the sponge will only slightly expand, unlike the beauty blender. Gently squeeze out excess water before use. The sponge will then take on a spongy gel like feeling. Don't let this put you off!

Step 2: Splash your face with warm water then using a cleanser of your choice (I’ve been using the Olay Refreshing Facial Cleanser) or on its own, use the sponge to massage your face in gentle circular motions. Use the pointed end to really get into those nooks and crannies around the nose.  

Step 3: When finished, rinse the sponge out thoroughly and squeeze till dry. Let it hang out in a well-ventilated area when not in use. 

Only one sponge comes per pack.


I found after the first use my skin looked more radiant than before and it really was effective in getting rid of those horrible little bumps I get on my chin and jawline. My pores were more refined and the dry skin I suffer from on my forehead was greatly reduced. As the sponge helps create a rich lather I found myself using less cleanser which is a plus. Bonus points also for it being really gentle and rather relaxing to use.

Many brands have brought out their own Konjac sponges and there is a big market with sponges containing French Pink Clay or charcoal. I can't attest to the benefits those would bring to your skincare, however, the original Konjac sponge has worked wonders on my skin at a time it really needed it. On a side note due to the gel-like texture the sponge takes on when it becomes wet you can use it without a cleanser. However, I would suggest using either a cream or gel-based cleanser rather than an oil based one. I just feel it would be harder to clean the sponge after using an oil cleanser but I could be wrong.

I've found it difficult to get onto the Spa To You website so I am attaching a link to The Konjac Sponge Company on Feel Unique here. This is where I will purchase my new sponges from in the futureFurthermore, you will be able to see the various types of Konjac Sponges available.

Will the Konjac sponge take over from my regular exfoliating regime? No, however it will have equal billing and when my skin does flare up I know I have something to rely on to gentle exfoliate my skin when it needs it.

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