Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nails on Friday ~ Formula X for Sephora: Massive

Hello Lovelies!

This weeks polish of choice: Formula X for Sephora in the colour Massive.

 Massive sits in the green section of the Formula X stand. It looks grey but let me assure you there is a green tinge to it. I would describe the colour as grey/dark oily green, like the colour you would see on the forecourt of a garage (random I know ha). However on the website they call it more a "Charcoal Blue", green maybe but not blue in my eyes.

What I love about Formula X is that their colours don't fit into specific brackets, there was always something interesting in the colour ranges which I find really exciting about a nail brand. Formula X are not playing it safe, me likey!

The polish applies beautifully with a smooth and even glossy finish. The squarish cap removes to produce a standard round lid for easy handling whilst painting your nails, and the brush is the perfect length. Its main magic however is how long Formula X lasts on the nails. I wore this for 8 days in Chicago and only started noticing chips after day 6. I am mightily impressed with this stuff.

On a side note, take a look at what came up when I typed Massive into the search space on the Formula X website:

Click for bigger photo 

Frankly I was bemused, I understand companies play a part in protecting the vulnerable from harm on line but it's a nail polish! If a company is worried about rude words (Massive is not rude in this context) why name your product it then? I had to Google Formula X Massive in order to get to the correct page. Not a good look.

The website is actually pretty amazing once you understand it, allowing you to interact with the brand and send in your own photos which is how I stumbled upon this. Call me prudish but it won't allow you to search for Massive but #NailPorn is allowed. Hmmm?

Click for bigger photo

I hope someday Formula X comes to the UK shores (seeing as it's 'Made in UK' ), why it doesn't sell here I've no idea. In my honest opinion Formula X would knock Nails Inc. as the number one nail brand in the U.K, reason being, it won't chip on you after an hour like Nails Inc. has a habit of doing.

Apart from the website gripe Formula X nail varnishes are one of the best I have tried. Fact! They are long lasting, amazing colours and give a lovely look to the nails. As long as you don't type in naughty words on the website, you should get your mits on a bottle ASAP, as they are worth the money. Not often I say that :)

Has anyone else tried Formula X? Had a funny issue with a website? Leave us a comment we love hearing from you!

P.S. I managed to accidentally delete the photos of my nails with Massive painted on them, but what I will say is the colour in the bottle is true to what you get on your nails.

Photos copyright of Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014
All views my own, I have no association with Formula X or Sephora.

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