Friday, 8 August 2014

Mish | Nails on Friday ~ What's your favourite Nail Polish?

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post won't be a normal one today as I want to hear from you, yes you the viewing public!

What I want to ask it: What is your favourite Nail Polish of all time?

Tricky I know but someone has to ask the hard questions in life! Is there a particular brand you love, or which ones do you hate? Do we love or loath glitter?  What do you wear for a hot date? So many questions so little time!

Please leave your comments below, come on don't be shy, I can see you pondering your answer so why not write it down, we always reply! Pass on our post for others to see so we can all have a good gossip.

To start you off when I thought about my answer it took me longer than expected but O.P.I Russian Navy has to be my ultimate Nail Polish, just thinking about brings me so much joy!

Disclaimer: Photo copyright Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014

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