Thursday, 31 July 2014


We love a good sing song here at Jute, Jam and Joy and nothing gets us singing along louder than anything produced by Motown.

The music they produced is a playlist to many people's lives including ours. It's crazy to think that "Jimmy Mack" was recorded then pulled from being released but thankfully they saw sense and the song became an instant classic upon its eventual release.

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Jimmy Mack

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tori | a moment of clarity

That moment when you realise that although you were seemingly static, although everyone around you seemed to be progressing and you were not, your world was shifting so gradually, so subtly that you didn't even notice. Now, looking around, the most momentous of changes have occurred in your life while you were too busy noticing the very obvious shifts in everyone else's.

So here's my two cents: don't worry if your life hasn't taken quite the direction you were expecting and don't give up if you still desperately want the life you've envisaged for yourself. You will get there. It might take longer than expected and you might look completely different when you arrive at your destination but if recent events have taught me anything, it's that I, like many others, need a goal to work towards but the journey makes up 99.999999% of your human experience. Don't wait for a series of arrivals at predetermined destinations- your life is so much more than that.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tori & Mish | MUSIC TO OUR EARS - The Proclaimers

It's been a busy weekend at Jute, Jam and Joy!!

We both went to see two events at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and one song kept rearing its joyous little head everywhere we went. Introducing Scotland's unofficial national anthem:

The Proclaimers - 500 Miles

P.S. Stay tuned for our blog post on our adventure to Glasgow 2014!!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Mish | H&M Home

Aren't these two critters so cute! I received these lovely candles as a birthday gift from a friend who bought them from H&M. Without fail she always found me something there that I love (even if it comes from the kids section).

Even though I received many gifts from H&M Home; I've actually never ventured onto their website, so today I thought I would have a wee dander in and man do Swedish people know how to decorate! Everything is reasonably priced which makes me love it even more.

Only issue with the website is there is no search bar. Possibly it's staring me right in the face and I haven't noticed but that really irks me having to trawl through everything in order to find one item. However maximising the amount per page number helps alleviate my 21st century stress.

Have you looked at any good home-ware websites recently? I realised I was turning into an adult when I saw a lamp once and thought "hmm that would look great in the dining room," (ahhh!) Or does home-ware bore you stiff?

Leave your comments below we love hearing from you all!

P.S. I want these so bad!!

Disclaimer: I have no association with H&M these are my own views on the product.
                 Photo copy right Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014

Friday, 25 July 2014

Mish | Nails on Friday - POP Beauty Nail Glam: Orange

Welcome to a new series here on Jute, Jam and Joy called Nails on Friday!

Every Friday I will review a nail varnish I have loved this week. I love having my nails done whether it be a French manicure or sparkles. Must admit thought I've never had a professional manicure! Easiest option was always doing my own nails. I am not a person who if I break a nail it's the end of the world, life goes on, but I do like them to be well presented.

For the first Nails on Friday I thought I would start with a recent purchase. You may have seen this already on our Twitter and I love it. Introducing POP Beauty Nail Glam: Orange.

This is bright. Very bright neon orange which just screams out at you; Irn-Bru Orange is what I'd call it. Very app for the Commonwealth games in Glasgow me thinks.

It applies well and evenly, giving good coverage in one coat, however my preference is always two coats. This would look amazing with a tan or on darker skin tones, whilst also complementing paler skin tones. Photos sadly aren't showing how neon the orange is but I assure you it's electric. (Note to Mish need a better camera.)

The undercoat I used was Leighton Denny Undercover Base, which gives a matt finish allowing colour to grip the nail, finishing off with Leighton Denny Crystal Finish as top coat which I bought as a pair on QVC.

POP Beauty has an amazing range of nail colours and I urge you to take a peek yourself. I purchased this in Walgreens in Chicago but you can find the polish here.

The dog even liked the colour!

(Just a note, name on the bottle says Eight Orange, I cannot find this on-line but I presume it is just called Orange or Fluro Orange, look for the most neon orange you can see and that should be it.)

Hope you like this post and stay tuned for next weeks. Any Nail varnishes' I should be checking out? Are you brave enough to wear Neon's or like sticking to simple colours? Please leave your comments below we really do love reading them all!

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Pop Beauty or QVC. I purchased all products myself.
                 Photo copyright Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mish & Tori | MUSIC TO OUR EARS - Elvis

We both love Elvis. It makes us sad we never could experience him live; we just have to listen feverishly to what our parents tell us about him. There are numerous explanations floating about for why Elvis laughed during this rendition of are you lonesome tonight. Mish's favourite is that a bald man in the audience was trying to impress his girlfriend when his toupee fell off. Cue that heavenly laughter from the King. Another story, most likely to be true, is that while Elvis and his band were on the road, they would create amusing alternative lyrics. Looks like Elvis forgot himself and we now have this beauty of a recording.

Elvis: Are you lonesome tonight (Laughing Version)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


This truly is an amazing concept. 3-D printers have been all over the news lately (3-D printing of human body parts is truly astounding) but the Mink Make-up Printer recently caught my eye. Whether or not this could actually be produced for mass consumption is debatable however I do agree with Grace Choi's vision of everyday people being allowed to control what they believe is beauty, and to be able to create what they wish. We would not have to wait for beauty brands to create what we want; the power would be in our hands. Honestly I like this vision and if the Mink printer does come into mass production. Beauty brands would have a serious issue on their hands very quickly.

Print Your Own Make-up With Mink | Disrupt NY 2014

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Sometimes you hear a song and a wave of emotions come over you. I have loved this song since I was a child. Without a doubt it always gets me up and dancing. This is how music should be. Enjoy!

Sam and Dave - Hold On (I'm Comin)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Tori | Always a woman to me

"Some people said, 'Oh, he's a misogynist, look what he says about this woman. He wrote this song called She's Only a Woman.' Which always cracks me up every time I read that. To me, it's a very simple understandable lyric. 'She may be that to you, but she's this to me.' "

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mish | Holidays do bad things to my Hair ~ Part 1

OK so it's 16:02 on a Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling it. I am not the biggest fan of travelling but after doing some major time travelling on Friday/ Saturday combined with a bug I've had on holiday I'm feeling a little tender. And so is my hair.
I'm planning other posts about holiday beauty etc. but I thought why not start with a little something now. (Trying to keep going - tis how I deal with jet-lag) My hair does not react well with waters in other nations. Too pampered by the lovely soft Scottish water we have here in Tayside my hair plays up as soon as I wash it anywhere else; even trips to London leave it a state.

First thing I do when arriving home is have a shower. I seek out only three items in an attempt to appease my haggard hair and today they where.

Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo 500ml

I love this stuff. Even my hairdresser asked what I was using saying my hair was in such good condition last time I went. My hair feels much stronger after each use and that's why it was the first thing I grabbed in the shower. The lather feels luxurious and hair feels like its getting pampered. It also doesn't leave a residue unlike some other strengthening shampoos. Good stuff! I haven't used the conditioner but if my hair reacts so well with just the shampoo think of the possibilities with the conditioner? Think a trip to the shops is due. ;)

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Full Restore Deep Conditioner 300ml

This stuff is my go to hair mask. it just revives my hair whatever the occasion. I always leave masks on for over 5 mins, and this just softens and nourishes the hair. Hair looks and feels more bouncy and looks healthier. I used this just before I travelled as knew what was about to come. I never really used L'Oreal shampoo and conditioners growing up. There styling products however win hands down for affordability and the fact they actually work. However this product does make me want to check out their shampoo and conditioner sets.

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls Curl cream 150ml

I just grabbed this as soon as I was out the shower. Truthfully I don't love it and thankful it's ending.
My natural hair state is curly, very curly. Big and bushy my hair is wider than my shoulders when fully dry. I'm still trying to find the best curly hair product for me. I do love the texture of the cream, its slightly balm like. It applies well and that's it. It feels heavy in places; curls droop, in other areas my curls don't look to bad but I want something that will work on every curl. After straightening my hair for ten days straight something I never do unless on holiday I just wished to leave my hair natural so this is why I choose this, nothing stressful for my hair and I do love the scent. This product has been discontinued (shows how long I've had it) but Curls and Waves Firm Hold Curl Cream replaces it

So there we have it. Yes I did straighten my hair ten days in a row and combined with the sun shining and a bad decision on a UVA hair spray, and a new water system it wasn't looking good. What products do you use to rescue your hair?  Do you give yourself a post-holiday pamper or carry on with your normal routine? Leave your comments below we would love to hear from you :)

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Tori | a wee update

iced tea... ignore Heat (the shame)

  • My beloved Mish is back in the country bitches. Hell yeah. *happy dance* Get ready for some exciting posts all about her time in Chicago. Woop woop.
  • I am slowly getting to grips with DIY and am painting my hall. Living room/ dining room/ kitchen/ my bedroom- DONE.
  • I stopped eating meat and am weaning myself off dairy products. I did it for health reasons but the more I researched veganism, the more I learned about animal welfare. It makes for distressing reading/ viewing. I spend a fair part of each day thinking about what I can do to be a better person, a healthier one, how I can help other people and animals- it can get overwhelming. One step at a time I say. It's a process. I feel better about myself and life already; plus, I have more energy. Win-win.
  • This post made me laugh so hard. Spinach- DO IT.
  • It's been a rubbish rainy day so here's a glimmer of sunshine...

Ah, memory lane.

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tori & Mish | MUSIC TO OUR EARS # 2 - Meatloaf

Meatloaf: Paradise by the Dashboard Light
I spent the past fortnight playing this song on repeat. I sang it to myself in the shower, while I cycled, while I dressed, in bed... darn, I sang it all the time. Mish shares my love of Meatloaf and following a good sing-a-long in her kitchen, I managed to get this belting tune stuck in her head before she jetted off to the U. S. of A. Mission accomplished.. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Mish | June Beauty Favourites Part 2

At long last part 2 of my Beauty favourites for June has arrived. Click here for part one.

Photo Credit:
Jute, Jam and Joy do not claim any rights to this image.

I love Hello Kitty and I love antibacterial hand spray so I am living the dream right now. I find sprays handy for public areas i.e. café tables rather than gels.  The formula is alcohol free so it won’t dry out hands. (I read that no alcohol means antibac is useless but as I’m not dealing with a plague outbreak here in Tayside I’m not that bothered this product doesn’t contain any.) Truth be told I did just buy this simply for the packaging as it’s so cute. The spray is clearly aimed at kids but as I am testifying now, anyone can use it. Also as I am an excellent blogger I forgot to take a photo Opps!!


QVC first introduced me to Australian Bodycare (ABC). The model on the show said her whole family used the wash, particularly her son who suffered from acne and the tea tree helped clear it up. This caught my interest, I don’t suffer from acne just the few spots but I do get horrible angry red spots in my back. This stuff really helped me. The smell as you can imagine is incredibly Tea Tree but I don’t mind it. The wash does not dry out the skin and leaves you feeling moisturised and clean. If you use innocent peppermint body wash it’s the same feeling. Also little red bumps on my arm have diminished which I put down entirely to this. QVC can be expensive so I looked around and it can be found cheaper on Feel Unique, another bonus of this is that it lasts forever. The 500ml bottle can easily do me three months which I believe is good value for money, considering I use this on my face and to clean my makeup brushes.

This lipstick was gifted to me by Tori for Christmas last year. I wore it to my graduation and have been constantly wearing it ever since. The shade I have is Julianne’s Moore’s Nude called Barely Peach. The collection to quote Boots website “consists of 6 custom made nudes chosen by 6 iconic L’Oreal Paris spokespersons for naturally radiant lip colour.” The lipstick glides on smoothly and leaves lips feeling soft and moisturised. The colour is a lovely pinky peach which complements my pale skin; which you can layer depending on how deep you want the colour.  This lipstick is perfect for those wanting a neutral colour for the day. Only issue I could see for some people is that the scent is how to put this… like traditional women’s make up scent? Old lady make-up scent? Am I making sense? (HA probably not). I love that scent but I know some don’t however it does fade after a minute. Overall this is a good quality lipstick which lasts and is perfect for any occasion, especially when you need a nude lip.

Also know as 'Barely Peach'

Yes it does look like scorch marks, I promise you its not.

So there we have it. June is over. July has arrived my favourite month due to ahem it being my birthday month. So what have been your favourite products this month? What should I be looking at for July? Leave your comments below, and let us know if you have received any gifts you can't stop using.

Disclaimer: All products are my own, I have no affiliation with any companies listed here and these are my own personal views.
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Sunday, 13 July 2014




Tori | shelfie envy?

Flicking through this week's Sunday Times Style magazine, Francesca Hornak's article on the 'competitive world of the shelfie' caught my eye, or should I say the photos of bookshelves caught my eye. I've said it before (here): I'm a sucker for a pretty edition or a beautiful bookcase. The bigger and more organised the case, the better. I can trace my shelf obsession to infancy: my mother's love of books and her organisational prowess, saw my childhood played out against a backdrop of meticulously arranged bookshelves.

Years on and I can't resist reshuffling books. I pay particular attention to height order, genre and spine design. Hardbacks and paperbacks may be mixed but only if complimentary cover art/ theme/ style permits. I'm certainly not obsessive. I've never tweeted a shelfie (*yet*) nor did it pain me when, during my university years, books piled up on the floor; they were functional, work horses so to speak. Yet, I find it hard to part with books, I'm a hoarder. No less than forty of the boxes transported during my last house move, contained nothing but books. Unfortunately, I have no shelving whatsoever to display them on here. They're still in their boxes in the spare room. Displaced yet not forgotten.

The house doesn't feel like home without a book shelf or twelve. I feel like I'm living in a hotel. It's too bare. I've bitten the skin on the side of my fingers, I spend far too much time pacing the aisles in book shops and my eyes are square from all the '#shelfie porn' I've been consuming. I may have a *slight* problem. I would remedy the situation however I can't afford bookcases, and I'm now thoroughly intimidated- my bookcases never looked like this. Oh bother.

I'm off to console myself with some indulgent Sunday night reading.

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Tori | that's what I'm toucan about

As a general rule I hate Sundays, I usually feel a bit odd. Luckily, today doesn't feel like a Sunday. I was up early, drove my aunt to work and had a mooch around the Overgate Centre.  My auntie very kindly treated me to this H! by Henry Holland jumpsuit in Debenhams. It's available in sizes 6-18 and retails at £40. It's lovely and lightweight with a cute tie detail on the back; elasticated waist; loose/harem style legs which taper slightly at the hem; and JUST LOOK at those toucans- oh yes.

I adore jumpsuits: so comfy and zero decision making involved, just throw it on and you're done. I'm a Libran and stereotypically struggle when it comes to decision making. As a child, my auntie's catchphrase, "If you can't decide, have both" didn't exactly encourage me to make my mind up.

Here I've included some of Debenhams own photos of this item as my mobile doesn't really do it justice. It's slouchy, cute, unfussy; their styling reflects this but it's a bit too basic for my liking. Keep reading to see how I'm wearing it today.

photo credit:

photo credit:
A little bit of a backstory...

This is my first jumpsuit since Shrinkgate. It happened on a clammy, New York day, circa 2011. I had recently bought a black jumpsuit complete with meshy bits and zippy things (think sports luxe). It was soft, cool and flattered me in all the right places (plight of the pear-shape). I loved the hell outta that garment but unfortunately it was an ill-fated affair. My ex's father's maid shrank it in the tumble dryer. (Yes, he had a maid. She was a lovely woman but a scourge in the laundry dept.) The thing looked like a baby-gro when she was through with it. I was devastated and it's taken me three years to get over it. One takeaway: do your own laundry... or at the very least, entrust your finest garments only to your mother/ aunt/ granny, those ladies just KNOW how to launder.

So, here I am, flipping through the Sunday supplements, drinking copious amounts of tea and rocking this parrot print with pride. I'm accessorising it with a top knot, some badass but probably ill-advised Steve madden saddle boots, bold vintage jewellery and a smudgey red lip. Oh and not forgetting the obligatory cardi- it is Scotland after all. I'm loving the navy/ red/ chartreuse combo. How would you style this jumpsuit?

NICA backpack/ Ralph Lauren fabric belt/ elite purse/ Steve Madden saddle boots/ SELECTED/ FEMME cardigan

Vintage CIRO Austrian crystal bracelet/ L'Oreal colour riche lipstick in 461 scarlett crème
Messy red. It's Sunday, I'm home and I can.
Vintage necklace/ No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour 'Betty Blues'/
Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate
'Rock n Roll'

 Apologies for the rubbish photo quality, I got excited and decided to do a quick 'Look what I got- isn't it great? Don't you think you should have one too?' type of post and snapped these on my phone.

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mish | MUSIC TO OUR EARS # 1 - Stromae

photo credit:

I detest adverts on YouTube. Do they actually believe I want to buy, look at, feel or eat what they are ramming down our throats. NO! However, something caught my eye one day and I went against all my instincts and clicked the link.

Stromae is what I clicked on. My fist impression was damn he is handsome, like seriously handsome, he is from Belgium and speaks French (what's not to like? Oui?).

The advert consisted of Stromae being labelled the next big thing in music. Aye right I thought, but then I listened. Pure Bliss. In most cases i don't understand what he's saying (learning French has been my biggest failure in life so far) but that's possible the charm of it. Even thought I don't understand the words I feel his emotions through the music. Papaotai is the perfect heartbreaking example. It takes a very special artist to do this.

In interviews Stromae comes across incredibly genuine and passionate about what he produces, his enthusiasm is lovely to watch and I wish him all the best of success in the future.

If you need some new music in your life I urge you to check Stromae out, you will not be disappointed. Now I think its probably best I find my 'Learning French' CD's from Lidl so I can fully understand what this great talent is saying.

Here is Stromae's official website - Stromae

An article from the Guardian website - Stromae Article

Finally remember this, it was huge a couple of years ago - Alors on Danse 

no copyright infringement intended

Friday, 11 July 2014

Broughty in Bloom ~ Secret Garden Trail 2014

One of the events that leapt out as us from the Broughty Ferry Gala Week brochure was the 'Secret Garden Trail' organised by Broughty Ferry in Bloom. Keen to have a peak at some beautiful blooms we donned our walking shoes, grabbed our cameras and trekked down to Broughty Library to pick up our map which doubled as a stamp card.

The ditty on our map read thus, "Follow the Secret Garden Trail, some are more secret than others, some are always open to the public, some are private and others are hidden behind gates or a wall but deserve a visit. Have your card stamped on the back at each garden as you go." Intriguing...

The weather was changeable and much of our time was spent peeling off layers or whipping out umbrellas but we managed to enjoy ourselves nonetheless. The gardens were beautiful and it was lovely to spend an afternoon in the fresh air.

The afternoon didn't get off to a great start weather-wise. Just look at that sky!
After a quick look at the beautiful garden to the rear of the library we zoomed off, managed to park the car and linked in for the gruelling trek along the esplanade (the days of Duke of Edinburgh hikes long behind us, we're not exaggerating, our fitness levels are really that poor). We passed groups of friends and families along the way and it seemed like a good time was had by all, especially with free tea and coffee on offer at the Barnhill Rock Garden!



After a good mosey around and many, many pictures, we headed back along the esplanade. As you can see, the weather had perked up a bit and after all that walking about we were incredibly drouthy. A quick pit stop at the Glass Pavilion for tea and scones and we were off again! Next stop Windmill Garden...



Next we had a wander around Broughty Castle (well worth a visit) and popped round to admire the flower bed arranged in the shape of a dolphin. We couldn't get an aerial photo which is a real shame as it looked absolutely beautiful. If you are in the Ferry, pay a visit to the 'Dolphin Bedding' by Castle Green (it's by the children's play park).

Finally, we had to take another look at the kilted ostriches in McCalls Highlandwear. How cool are these...

unfortunately this chap's head appears to be in the clouds- woops!

The Secret Garden Trail ran from 1pm-4pm last Sunday but to find out more about Broughty Ferry in Bloom call 01382 436882 or visit:
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