Friday, 29 August 2014

Nails on Friday ~ Maybelline Color Show Love Lillac

Maybelline Color Show Love Lillac

It's been a crappy week in the Mish household and I needed a little pick me up. On a trip to ASDA I saw Maybelline had a sale on and thought why not? My nail polish collection consists of dark or bright colours, very few pales. Wanting to branch out a little Maybelline Colour Show in Love Lillac caught my eye. The formula and cool colour tone reminds me of Essie's Bikini So Teeny.

A closer shot of the blue/pink shimmer in the polish.

The lilac is a beautiful pastel which contains a blue and pink shimmer. First coat is very opaque and second coat helps a lot but I would suggest 3 thin coats to get full coverage.
The first time I applied the polish in two thin coats it took forever to dry and as a result smudged to buggery. A reason for this I believe may be due to the fact I used O.P.I Nail Envy as a base coat, creating a very shiny base, possibly not allowing the polish to grip to my nail.

Next time I tried with my Leighton Denny Undercover base coat which creates a matt base allowing your polish to grip the nail better. The two thin coats applied much better this time and no smudging but still that long lasting feeling of tackiness :( Once dried, I applied my top coat which was Sally Hansen Double Duty and waited...

Yes, spell check did not like me writing Lillac :)

Second time round the polish was much improved but the next day when I accidentally bashed my hand the nail polish started to push up on some nails. In addition, on closer inspection some nails had the dreaded bumps on them where it would just not apply smoothly.

Had to resort to indoor photography, horrible weather this week in Dundee.

In conclusion Maybelline Colour Show in Love Lillac is a wonderful pastel colour but the formula lets it down. Other colours in the Maybelline Colour Show collection have good reviews so it may just be this shade that doesn't work well. (I find pale polishes in general are the hardest to work with). I'll probably only use this polish when I have a lot of spare time to apply it, you couldn't do a rushed job with it. Another use for Love Lillac could be as a mixer with other polishes, I think mixing this with a strong white could help create a denser formula, allowing the shimmer come through even stronger.

So Love Lillac hasn't been relegated to our Beauty Fails section but it isn't what I hoped it would be. 
Does anyone else find pales colours the worst to work with? 
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  1. That is a beautiful colour though I've tried a couple from that line and the formulation didn't wow me. I just tried AVON gel polish in Lavendar Sky- it's a deeper colour than this and I must say the formulation is GREAT. Love T xxx

    1. I haven't been on AVON in yonks, think I'll go and have a mooch around tonight :). Yeah I'm thinking of buying some more Gel formulas as I know they are good for not chipping, I'm not brave enough to get proper Gels just yet!
      Mish xo

  2. I had a similar experience with Maybelline nail colours… in fact I've brought a different colour from a different line of theirs and still had similar bad experience.


    1. Thinking about it now, I had a Maybelline Forever Strong nail polish which which went really funky after a week. Clearly nail products aren't there forte. Mish xo