Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mish | Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo Review

I first heard about Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo whilst reading some magazine and was intrigued. Honestly I do not like Dove products; or to be more precise the smell. The strong odour of soap that you can smell a mile off, actually churns my stomach! So I was a little apprehensive when I decided to purchase a can, surely it couldn't be as bad as I remember?

I'm very particular about Dry Shampoo. I don't want to turn grey and just want my greasy roots mopped up. Price is also a problem; some are extortionate (side eye Bumble Bumble).  Frankly I don't believe dry shampoos should cost more than £2.50, but a girl can dream eh? In the end I always come crawling back to Batiste, but hate how it makes hair dull. The brunette version looks tempting but I refuse to pay £3 extra just because I'm a brunette. It really bugs me when companies pull this stunt. (I'm coming across as a right miser on posts recently, I assure I'm not)

Must say the packaging is lovely and clean.

Well what to say, I kinda love this stuff. I applied it on three day old hair with rather greasy roots and it cleaned up nicely. With my reviewing cap on I glowered as I noticed a white dust forming on my hair, then realised I was holding the can about 5 cm away from my scalp. Oops! Once rectified, the spray is translucent and can be rubbed in straight away, no waiting, then brush it through. Hair becomes soft, not crispy or grey. I have sensitive skin and am happy to report this does not cause me any reaction and my hair feels clean, light and not flaky.

Only issue, you guessed it; the scent. Oh it's mighty strong, and soapy. I always apply perfume to my hair and worry that it will mix badly with this scent. After on hour I can still smell it, this could be a deal breaker for me. If  Dove releases it without a scent then this could be my dream dry shampoo, until then I guess I'll have to try and stomach the smell.

If you are after a new dry shampoo and don't mind a very powerful scent, then I would highly recommend Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo which is currently on offer at ASDA

So have you tried any new Dry Shampoos? Do you have a favourite? Who agrees we shouldn't pay more due to our hair colour? Let us know in the comments section we love hearing from you! 

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