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Tori | take the weight off | Liz Earle foot care

  • Liz Earle is one of my favourite beauty brands.
  • Feet aren't a particularly sexy topic for a blog post.
  • Sometimes my tootsies need some lovin: your tootsies might need some lovin too.
  • Here are my favourite products.
  • Surprise, surprise, they're all Liz Earle.

When I get home I immediately kick off my shoes and wander round barefoot. [I'm trying to get into slippers as I'm so clumsy and constantly banging my toes but I'm not feeling it.] If I'm not ready to take a shower or have to do a quick change before I shoot out again, then I spray my feet with this really refreshing foot spritzer which retails at £7.75 for 75mls. I love the blend of menthol, aloe vera, peppermint and rosemary essential oils and can attest to the cooling and invigorating properties of this product. It is rather potent (but surely that's the point) but compares favourably to other foot sprays that choke you to death (I'm looking at you Body Shop). I took this to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and it came in really handy after a packed day of activities and seemingly endless walking. (Mish seemed to enjoy it too!)

On the regular my routine goes something like this:

I give my feet a quick scrub when I'm in the shower with this lovely, gentle exfoliator (£11 for 100ml). The blend of avocado and wheat germ oils, as well as peppermint and rosemary essential oils combine to make this an invigorating yet indulgent product. I love the texture too, the particles are large enough and just abrasive enough to be effective at tackling the rough or hardened skin on feet but they're not sharp.

When I've dried my feet I proceed to slather them in Liz's extremely rich, buttery foot repair moisturiser (£13.50 for 100mls). This is a gorgeous product containing many of the foot care oil and ingredients found in the rest of the range but with the glorious addition of shea butter. Mish and I are shea fiends- we cannot get enough of the stuff. (Fellow shea lovers, keep your eyes peeled for her L'Occitane foot cream review!) The website says 'Foot Repair Moisturiser sinks in fast to moisturise and smooth dry skin on heels and soles. This heavenly-scented cream provides soothing care to tired, aching feet and lower legs. Gently massage in with upward strokes especially heels, rough or dry areas and lower legs.' I agree completely- this is now a staple in my routine and will be a definite repurchase as I've just run out of my travel sized (pictured above).

Depending on how dry my skin is or how tired and heavy my legs are feeling, I'll follow up with some energising body lotion (£18 for 150mls), applied liberally to my calves and thighs. This lightweight lotion smells divine, sinks in beautifully and feels equally nourishing and uplifting. Containing 19 'naturally active botanicals', it can help improve appearance & elasticity of the skin, whilst firming and toning. In my view it has a rather strong fragrance which may not be to everyone's liking. My mother loves this lotion but agrees that the smell would put her off using this product on her top half as it's just so potent. You've been warned!

Above from left: energising body lotion; foot scrub; foot repair moisturiser

I love all of these products, they are natural and cruelty free and this combined with some seriously amazing quality ingredients, make for an indulgent and nourishing foot care routine! Highly recommended!

I have purchased these products myself and have no affiliation to Liz Earle. All opinions are my own. All images copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.

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