Thursday, 8 December 2016

Boots Oil-Absorbing Sheets Review

Excuse the lighting in this photo. Bad weather and the main light in the living room going out didn't help the situation.
This review would probably sound a lot more appealing if Boots had simply used the term "Blotting Papers" but kudos for saying it like it is. Many people will have used blotting papers with varying levels of success. Most of the time I found them to be tiny sheets of paper that smeared my makeup leaving a white powdery cast on my face. Which is why most people still use powder and brush to touch up, however, this past summer Boots Oil-Absorbing Sheets have become my handbag staple.

The purpose of the sheets is to remove excess oil, eliminating shine, and providing a matte complexion all without smudging any makeup you may be wearing at the time and boy do these sheets deliver! Any excess oil is absorbed quickly with no residue or white mask left behind, crucially any make up I was wearing at the time remained intact so no need for touch-ups afterward. Probably the best thing about them is that the sheets are impregnated with salicylic acid to help prevent breakouts and I've not noticed any excess dryness on my skin after using the sheets.

The sheets themselves have a light peachy colour to them but as individuals are a soft white and to use one you simply rip them out of the packaging. What I like specifically about these sheets is that they are larger than other brands I have used in the past. Past papers tended to be on the small side meaning you had to use multiple sheets to have any effect. At a whopping 3"x 2" (80mm x 55mm) in size, I find I can use one sheet and go.

In terms of packaging, the sheets are contained in a simple reinforced cardboard case no larger than a credit card. The sides are left open and to access the sheets you simply slide the tab out of its slot. Packaging style is basic blue and white providing all the product information on the outside. Word of advice keep these sheets stored away in a pocket in your bag or makeup pouch and not rolling around loose. My first pack met a sorry state when a pint was spilled over my open handbag on a night out.

Boots Oil-Absorbing Sheets would be a perfect addition to any gym bag, office desk and with the festive seasons around the corner your bag for all the Christmas shindigs. You can find Boots Oil-Absorbing Sheets beside Boots own cleansing brands in stores or you can purchase the items here.