Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tori | Garnier Ultimate Blends haircare review

I've been trying out Garnier Ultimate Blends, The Silky Smoother, collection for a few months and I have to say that I've not been bowled over. Garnier say: 'Life can be tough on your hair. That’s why we’ve spent 7 years creating a new range of hair care products, specifically for you, with the help of over 25,000 women. Made with an exquisite blend of naturally sourced ingredients, our Ultimate Blends are tailor-made to tackle the hair problems life throws your way.'
The Silky products boast 'a sensuously creamy blend with Madagascan Vanilla milk and Brazilian ‘Fruit of the Angels’ Papaya extracts, smooths the look and feel of split ends, leaving hair looking shiny and strokably soft, as if transformed.' The products smell divine and the shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling clean and smelling beautiful but I didn't notice ay improvement/ smoothing effect on my split ends.
I did like Garnier's handy online tool to match your hair needs with products from their range. The Silky Smoother range consists of a shampoo, hair exfoliator, conditioner and a dry shampoo; it's been designed for mid to long locks with split ends. I have tried all of the products in conjunction, for an extended period of time, so I feel like I've given the products a fair chance. So how do the individual products measure up against Garnier's claims:
1. The shampoo smells divine and left my hair feeling quite smooth. One point. On to Garnier's next claim, smooth ends? Nope, didn't notice any difference. No points.
2. The 1 minute polishing scrub (pictured below), again smelled lovely and had a nice thick creamy texture however I didn't feel like there were anywhere near enough exfoliating beads to make a difference. This product felt just like a run-of-the-mill conditioning mask. It left my hair soft but no difference on the split end front.
3. The conditioner was one of my least favourite products in the range. It was incredibly thin and runny- not very practical.
4. The dry shampoo was, in my eyes, an abomination. It was so strongly and cheaply fragranced that I nearly choked to death when I first used it. It did nothing to freshen my hair and I felt you had to use an awful lot of it. It ran out very quickly.
Used in conjunction I found the range (with the exclusion of the dry shampoo) left my hair sweet-smelling and fairly soft. I noticed no split end smoothing results. If your hair is in good nick and you're just interested in a picking up a nice smelling everyday shampoo then go right ahead. However, I couldn't in all conscience say I'd repurchase any of these products.
All opinions are my own. I purchased these products myself. All images copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014.

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