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Tori | MTTM #2 | My top 5 Simple Products

It's that time of the week again- another Money's Too Tight To Mention (MTTM) post is upon us. This week I'm sharing my favourite Simple products. Although I enjoy using a mixture of Elemis and Liz Earle products on a daily basis, I always come back to Simple if I can't stretch to a luxury repurchase. I've been using these products on and off for years and have built up quite a collection. My very first 'skincare routine', aged nine or ten, entailed a mixture of Simple cleansers and facial wipes, and Guerlain toner and moisturiser which I 'borrowed' from my auntie.

Simple say, "With over 50 years experience in caring for even the most sensitive skin, Simple® products have helped generations of women look and feel beautiful. We use only our purest possible ingredients including multi-vitamin goodness and skin loving nutrients to provide gentle yet effective skincare solutions."
I love the fact that these gentle, non-irritating products are widely available and at such low prices. I've often found myself picking up their products at the supermarket or airport having forgotten something in the last minute rush. I feel safe in the knowledge that these no bells and whistles products will serve me well for the duration of my trip!
My all time favourite Simple product is this 'Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On', currently £2.48 for 15mls at Superdrug. I would repurchase this product at twice or three times the price. It boasts a blend of cucumber, 2 vitamins and 3 nutrients and is supposed to reduce puffiness, wake up, and revitalise tired eyes.

I can vouch for it's cooling, revitalising properties and when it comes to reducing puffiness, my mum has found it to be quite effective (perhaps as a result of the cool rollerball). 

The only drawback is that it lasted barely a week when used morning and night. Don't expect miracles but you can't beat this bargain buy for soothing tired, allergic eyes like mine.

Coming in a close second is this lovely night cream, £2.98 for 50mls at Superdrug. Here's the boring bit, the product is said to contain: active ingredients 'that revitalise and restore your skin throughout the night'; 7 nutrients, 2 vitamins and 0 perfumes or colours.

I'm fast approaching my mid-twenties and though this is no time to panic unduly about wrinkles, a nod to age-resistance couldn't hurt, eh? A lovely smooth, gel-cream formula, that's easily absorbed, keeps my skin hydrated through the night and doesn't break me out. Perfect for holidays when your skin is already a bit tetchy and could do without being overloaded thank you very much.

Third up is my pick of Simple facial moisturisers/ sun protection. I've been using the 'Kind to Skin Protecting Light moisturiser SPF 15 UVA/UVB' on days when I won't be wearing any makeup and just want to flounce in and out of the garden. It's currently £2.58 at Superdrug and it does the job. 

This formulation may be a little thick for me but is fully absorbed after a bit of a massage and would be perfect for those of you with dry skin. It also worked great as a base under drier liquid makeup formulations which would normally cake on the dry areas on the top of my cheekbones.

Here you can see it compared to the Simple 'Sun Sensitive protecting Facial Lotion 50 HIGH UVB'. The top swatch is the factor 50, which is thinner and oilier and the bottom is the factor 15 which is thicker but less greasy, not as yellow and more easily absorbed.


This one needs little explanation, the soothing toner, £1.48 for 200mls, leaves your skin clarified and refreshed after cleansing. This isn't as powerful as other toners which I prefer to use on a daily basis but I frequently use this if I run out or am traveling (I love the miniatures you can pick up in Boots).

It's alcohol free; contains 2 vitamins, 3 skin loving nutrients and no perfume or colour. It's pH balanced and contains Witch Hazel and Chamomile.


Same story here as with the age-resisting night cream- a little extra loving can't hurt. The 'Regeneration Age Resisting Facial Wash' is currently £2.48 for 150mls at Superdrug and I'd say it's well worth it. 

I prefer this to Simple's refreshing facial wash (although you can pick up mini sizes of those for £1 in Primark!) as it feels a little more luxurious and moisturising. It leaves my skin feeling clean and contains 'Green Tea goodness' to fight premature ageing. Worth a try.
Simple is better than half price at Superdrug and many products are also part of the 3 for £5 deal at Tesco right now. So there you have it folks, another 5 under £5! I hope you've found this useful.

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products myself, have been testing them out over a period of at least 3 weeks, in some cases months or years, and have no affiliation to Simple, Superdrug, Primark or Tesco. All these opinions are my own.
All photos copyright Tori at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014

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