Friday, 11 July 2014

Introducing Broughty Ferry Gala Week

The start of the summer as far as Mish is concerned!

One half of Jute, Jam and Joy is currently in Chicago and the other half is absolutely not jealous. Not at all. (Keep telling yourself that Tori and you might start to believe it.) Anyway, before Mish toddled off there was one trip we just HAD to take together. Broughty Ferry Gala Week is not just of local relevance, oh no, the mere mention of this week long programme of events sees Mish's excitement level soar. Here's why...

Mish: For as long as I can remember summer didn't start for me until the Gala week at Broughty Ferry (a suburb of Dundee). Gala week is a week of celebrations consisting of fairs, sports, summer events and not forgetting the holy grail- the Children's Window Guessing Competition.

Tori: I have to interject here. It would be really, really hard to match her enthusiasm but I have 'fond' memories of trundling about the Ferry, peering in shop windows, looking for elusive out-of-place objects. Mish used to drag me along to take part in the Window Guessing Competition. Basically, you track down numbered pieces of diamond shaped card displayed in participating shop windows. You then proceed to scour the display for the 'odd one out'. I usually give up after a few half-assed attempts. I bloomin' hate puzzles, crosswords and the ilk. Mish is a pro. This year she identified several pins. Yes, pins.

Mish: I once entered the Best Pet competition with my tortoise Victor (any One Foot in the Grave fans out there?); we came 2nd, losing to a Pomeranian! We consoled ourselves with a fish supper at Murray's, only a 2 minute walk away from the park. That's what great about Broughty Ferry, it consists of one main street and a couple of side streets, everything is within walking distance of each other.

Tori: Now while the prospect of hunting down hidden pins, penguin toys, stray CD cases and the like, has me pulling my hair out and looking for the nearest pub, I have to take my hat off to Mish. She never fails to get into the spirit of things and her unselfconscious childlike enthusiasm is a joy to behold. In all honestly it's lovely to see the community come together and put on such a fun activity for the little (and not so little) ones.

Mish: As a local lass from the Ferry it always used to amaze me how many people you could cram into such a small place and I am proud to say the event keeps on getting better each year.

Tori: There were tonnes of other events on offer throughout the week and many were absolutely free. Last Sunday we ticked off a fair few locations on the 'Secret Garden Trail' map (post to follow) and had a blast even though it was drizzly, overcast and sadly for me, there was no gin involved.

The Queeen's baton was 'ere!

Did you visit the Ferry during gala week? What did you get up to?

Did you find this wee guy hanging out in the RBS window?

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