Friday, 11 July 2014

Broughty in Bloom ~ Secret Garden Trail 2014

One of the events that leapt out as us from the Broughty Ferry Gala Week brochure was the 'Secret Garden Trail' organised by Broughty Ferry in Bloom. Keen to have a peak at some beautiful blooms we donned our walking shoes, grabbed our cameras and trekked down to Broughty Library to pick up our map which doubled as a stamp card.

The ditty on our map read thus, "Follow the Secret Garden Trail, some are more secret than others, some are always open to the public, some are private and others are hidden behind gates or a wall but deserve a visit. Have your card stamped on the back at each garden as you go." Intriguing...

The weather was changeable and much of our time was spent peeling off layers or whipping out umbrellas but we managed to enjoy ourselves nonetheless. The gardens were beautiful and it was lovely to spend an afternoon in the fresh air.

The afternoon didn't get off to a great start weather-wise. Just look at that sky!
After a quick look at the beautiful garden to the rear of the library we zoomed off, managed to park the car and linked in for the gruelling trek along the esplanade (the days of Duke of Edinburgh hikes long behind us, we're not exaggerating, our fitness levels are really that poor). We passed groups of friends and families along the way and it seemed like a good time was had by all, especially with free tea and coffee on offer at the Barnhill Rock Garden!



After a good mosey around and many, many pictures, we headed back along the esplanade. As you can see, the weather had perked up a bit and after all that walking about we were incredibly drouthy. A quick pit stop at the Glass Pavilion for tea and scones and we were off again! Next stop Windmill Garden...



Next we had a wander around Broughty Castle (well worth a visit) and popped round to admire the flower bed arranged in the shape of a dolphin. We couldn't get an aerial photo which is a real shame as it looked absolutely beautiful. If you are in the Ferry, pay a visit to the 'Dolphin Bedding' by Castle Green (it's by the children's play park).

Finally, we had to take another look at the kilted ostriches in McCalls Highlandwear. How cool are these...

unfortunately this chap's head appears to be in the clouds- woops!

The Secret Garden Trail ran from 1pm-4pm last Sunday but to find out more about Broughty Ferry in Bloom call 01382 436882 or visit:
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