Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mish | MUSIC TO OUR EARS # 1 - Stromae

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I detest adverts on YouTube. Do they actually believe I want to buy, look at, feel or eat what they are ramming down our throats. NO! However, something caught my eye one day and I went against all my instincts and clicked the link.

Stromae is what I clicked on. My fist impression was damn he is handsome, like seriously handsome, he is from Belgium and speaks French (what's not to like? Oui?).

The advert consisted of Stromae being labelled the next big thing in music. Aye right I thought, but then I listened. Pure Bliss. In most cases i don't understand what he's saying (learning French has been my biggest failure in life so far) but that's possible the charm of it. Even thought I don't understand the words I feel his emotions through the music. Papaotai is the perfect heartbreaking example. It takes a very special artist to do this.

In interviews Stromae comes across incredibly genuine and passionate about what he produces, his enthusiasm is lovely to watch and I wish him all the best of success in the future.

If you need some new music in your life I urge you to check Stromae out, you will not be disappointed. Now I think its probably best I find my 'Learning French' CD's from Lidl so I can fully understand what this great talent is saying.

Here is Stromae's official website - Stromae

An article from the Guardian website - Stromae Article

Finally remember this, it was huge a couple of years ago - Alors on Danse 

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