Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mish | Holidays do bad things to my Hair ~ Part 1

OK so it's 16:02 on a Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling it. I am not the biggest fan of travelling but after doing some major time travelling on Friday/ Saturday combined with a bug I've had on holiday I'm feeling a little tender. And so is my hair.
I'm planning other posts about holiday beauty etc. but I thought why not start with a little something now. (Trying to keep going - tis how I deal with jet-lag) My hair does not react well with waters in other nations. Too pampered by the lovely soft Scottish water we have here in Tayside my hair plays up as soon as I wash it anywhere else; even trips to London leave it a state.

First thing I do when arriving home is have a shower. I seek out only three items in an attempt to appease my haggard hair and today they where.

Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo 500ml

I love this stuff. Even my hairdresser asked what I was using saying my hair was in such good condition last time I went. My hair feels much stronger after each use and that's why it was the first thing I grabbed in the shower. The lather feels luxurious and hair feels like its getting pampered. It also doesn't leave a residue unlike some other strengthening shampoos. Good stuff! I haven't used the conditioner but if my hair reacts so well with just the shampoo think of the possibilities with the conditioner? Think a trip to the shops is due. ;)

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Full Restore Deep Conditioner 300ml

This stuff is my go to hair mask. it just revives my hair whatever the occasion. I always leave masks on for over 5 mins, and this just softens and nourishes the hair. Hair looks and feels more bouncy and looks healthier. I used this just before I travelled as knew what was about to come. I never really used L'Oreal shampoo and conditioners growing up. There styling products however win hands down for affordability and the fact they actually work. However this product does make me want to check out their shampoo and conditioner sets.

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls Curl cream 150ml

I just grabbed this as soon as I was out the shower. Truthfully I don't love it and thankful it's ending.
My natural hair state is curly, very curly. Big and bushy my hair is wider than my shoulders when fully dry. I'm still trying to find the best curly hair product for me. I do love the texture of the cream, its slightly balm like. It applies well and that's it. It feels heavy in places; curls droop, in other areas my curls don't look to bad but I want something that will work on every curl. After straightening my hair for ten days straight something I never do unless on holiday I just wished to leave my hair natural so this is why I choose this, nothing stressful for my hair and I do love the scent. This product has been discontinued (shows how long I've had it) but Curls and Waves Firm Hold Curl Cream replaces it

So there we have it. Yes I did straighten my hair ten days in a row and combined with the sun shining and a bad decision on a UVA hair spray, and a new water system it wasn't looking good. What products do you use to rescue your hair?  Do you give yourself a post-holiday pamper or carry on with your normal routine? Leave your comments below we would love to hear from you :)

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