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Mish | June Beauty Favourites Part 2

At long last part 2 of my Beauty favourites for June has arrived. Click here for part one.

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I love Hello Kitty and I love antibacterial hand spray so I am living the dream right now. I find sprays handy for public areas i.e. café tables rather than gels.  The formula is alcohol free so it won’t dry out hands. (I read that no alcohol means antibac is useless but as I’m not dealing with a plague outbreak here in Tayside I’m not that bothered this product doesn’t contain any.) Truth be told I did just buy this simply for the packaging as it’s so cute. The spray is clearly aimed at kids but as I am testifying now, anyone can use it. Also as I am an excellent blogger I forgot to take a photo Opps!!


QVC first introduced me to Australian Bodycare (ABC). The model on the show said her whole family used the wash, particularly her son who suffered from acne and the tea tree helped clear it up. This caught my interest, I don’t suffer from acne just the few spots but I do get horrible angry red spots in my back. This stuff really helped me. The smell as you can imagine is incredibly Tea Tree but I don’t mind it. The wash does not dry out the skin and leaves you feeling moisturised and clean. If you use innocent peppermint body wash it’s the same feeling. Also little red bumps on my arm have diminished which I put down entirely to this. QVC can be expensive so I looked around and it can be found cheaper on Feel Unique, another bonus of this is that it lasts forever. The 500ml bottle can easily do me three months which I believe is good value for money, considering I use this on my face and to clean my makeup brushes.

This lipstick was gifted to me by Tori for Christmas last year. I wore it to my graduation and have been constantly wearing it ever since. The shade I have is Julianne’s Moore’s Nude called Barely Peach. The collection to quote Boots website “consists of 6 custom made nudes chosen by 6 iconic L’Oreal Paris spokespersons for naturally radiant lip colour.” The lipstick glides on smoothly and leaves lips feeling soft and moisturised. The colour is a lovely pinky peach which complements my pale skin; which you can layer depending on how deep you want the colour.  This lipstick is perfect for those wanting a neutral colour for the day. Only issue I could see for some people is that the scent is how to put this… like traditional women’s make up scent? Old lady make-up scent? Am I making sense? (HA probably not). I love that scent but I know some don’t however it does fade after a minute. Overall this is a good quality lipstick which lasts and is perfect for any occasion, especially when you need a nude lip.

Also know as 'Barely Peach'

Yes it does look like scorch marks, I promise you its not.

So there we have it. June is over. July has arrived my favourite month due to ahem it being my birthday month. So what have been your favourite products this month? What should I be looking at for July? Leave your comments below, and let us know if you have received any gifts you can't stop using.

Disclaimer: All products are my own, I have no affiliation with any companies listed here and these are my own personal views.
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