Sunday, 15 June 2014

Welcome to Jute, Jam and Joy!

Our first ever Q&A...

Who are we?
Tori and Mish are two friends from Dundee.

Why start a blog?
Mish decided that she would like to start a blog to offer unique perspectives on beauty products by having two resident bloggers. After much persuasion Tori came on board, her past blogging efforts woefully unsuccessful, and the blog was born as a broader platform with a focus on lifestyle, culture and beauty.  

How did you come up with the name?
It’s inspired by the summary of Dundee's industrial heritage as 'the three Js': jute, jam and journalism. Tori was keen to play on this phrase and Mish provided the Joy.

What format will the blog take?
Once a week we will publish a post that we've worked on together and are both passionate about. In addition, we will post individually on topics that interest us, and hopefully, you too! As a treat we will also be doing monthly special Jute, Jam and Joy posts... keep your eyes peeled for more info!

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