Monday, 16 June 2014

Tori | MTTM #1 mint


Welcome to the first in the series of MONEY'S TOO TIGHT TO MENTION (MTTM). Yay!
Choosing the theme for this week's picks wasn't particularly tricky, if you read my previous post on decorating my room, you'll know why! Here's a recap: ever since I painted my room minty-greeny-blue, I haven’t been able to shake thoughts of everything and anything mint.
So if you, like me, fantasise about mint, (morning, noon and night) this list is for you! Fellow minternutters (see what I did there- laaaame), behold a veritable feast of beautiful bits and bobs, all minty and all for £5 or under. Enjoy!
1.      Mint bow necklace from iloveyoujewels, Etsy, £4.84. See also, the matching brooch and their gorgeous, pastel mint bow necklace.  
2.      Mavala Mini Colour Nail Polish Blue Mint 5ml, Boots, £4.75. I adore this colour as it is leans more towards the duck-eggy end of the minty spectrum.
3.      If you prefer to pack a more powerful punch, check out Mavala’s stunning Blue Lagoon, Boots, £4.75. Mavala is an oldie but a goodie, I can remember receiving a pack of these eenie-weenie polishes from an auntie who lives down south, I was about eight and thought they were ugly bottles. Nowadays I really rate the formulation and it’s better value for money as they don’t dry up or go goopy before you’ve had your money’s worth!
4.      Mint handmade journal: FYEO for your eyes only, isavirtue, Etsy, £3.63. I love notebooks, any stationery for that matter, always have done. If you do too, type 'mint green notebook' into Etsy and get ready to feel orgasmic.
5.       Pick up this cute-as-can-be mint table lamp, for £5, next time you pop into ASDA! It'll brighten up a dingy, unloved corner, in an instant. 

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