Sunday, 15 June 2014


Nothing divides Tori and I like football. I love football; Tori loathes it. It’s a battle that continues to rage on.  I am trying my best to watch as many games as humanly possible of 2014’s FIFA World Cup. Its exhaustive work watching so many games in one sitting; only numerous trips to the fridge for ahem… nutritious replenishments are helping me through.
I had the luck to be in Germany on my school’s exchange programme during the 2006 tournament. Walking around when Germany won a match was something I shall never forget as the roads filled up with cars, people waving flags, tooting horns carrying on into the night. The positivity of the people was infectious. I really had my fingers crossed when England bid for the 2018 World Cup, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.
There is something special about hosting the tournament, however I fully sympathise with the protestors in Brazil. When your people are in dire need of proper healthcare/ medication, etc… its galling to see your country spend so much money on a sports tournament.   Brazil will also be hosting the 2016 Olympics and I worry about what will occur then. I seriously doubt Adrian Chiles was expecting rocks pelted at his studio window on the opening night, but this incident highlights to me the seriousness of the Brazilian people’s anger.
Ok pass me my sash and tiara as I am about to get all Miss World here. I truly believe that sport can have a fundamentally great impact on the world. Sport brings people together even just for 90 minutes. The 2012 Olympics was the first time every nation had a female athlete competing, I am truly proud to be part of a nation, which helped this to happen. They say football is the global sport crossing borders and cultures. Heck even astronauts in space are watching the world cup.  Sport allows people to dream, to have ambitions, and most importantly keep healthy. It’s heart-warming seeing children discussing their favourite sports star and how much they inspire them. I have so much to say about the global impact of sport but I will talk about that another time, for now I hope everyone who is watching has a lovely time and hope your team does well. My money is on Germany, here’s hoping they win, or I owe my dad a tenner!
This kid’s reaction to meeting Radamel Falcao nicely sums up what I am trying to say really.

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