Monday, 30 June 2014

Mish | June Beauty Favourites Part 1

Cannot believe June is nearly over, this year is flying past. Here is a selection of beauty products I have enjoyed using this past month. Stay tuned for part 2 later on in the week.

I suffer from dry lips on and off and this stuff is the only thing that instantly soothes them and begins the healing process.  The menthol tingling on the lips makes it feel like the balm is doing its magic.  The packaging is also lovely; the bright yellow casing makes it easy to locate in my Mary Poppins handbag. Can understand why its a cult classic.

Primark Owl Tweezers

These were a recent gift from a friend as she knows how much I love Owls. Personally I never would buy tweezers from Primark but these are really good. They grip the hair well causing minimal pain, Primark you proved me wrong.  My normal tweezers are Tweezerman which I have a love/hate relationship with. I find they don’t grip my hair well enough and annoyingly leave some hair in the root. On other days, they work a treat, maybe it’s just me. Does anyone else have that issue?  I am away on holiday soon and I think the Primark Owls may bump the Tweezerman’s out the suitcase.

I suffer with psoriasis on my scalp. Anybody who suffers from it understands the pain, itchiness, and embarrassment of having a flaky scalp. I always use Neutrogena Coal Tar shampoo if I flare up, however I wanted to get a cleansing shampoo for the times I haven't flared up. I picked up TRESemme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo and now use it once a week just to give my hair and scalp a good cleanse. My hair feels squeaky clean and it doesn't irritate my scalp, noticeably my after wash products apply easier as well. I’ve not had a psoriasis flare up this month so I couldn't say if it would completely clear the condition up on its own (I probably would revert back to Neutrogena) but I will come back with an answer should this occur. Other than that this is a real good shampoo for the days your hair feels bunged up with product. (ASDA always has the best deals on the 900ml TRESemme, you can normally buy a shampoo and conditioner for the price of one bottle, as these last a long time you normally find the same deal is on again when you need to repurchase :) )

A miracle worker. My nails have been a state this past year and nothing helped they constantly peeled and bent upwards.  Within two weeks my nails were strong and healthy. A friend has shellac nails and mine were stronger than hers which is saying something. I feel £18 is too expensive for this stuff as you need to apply regularly so I see the bottle being used up quickly, therefore I would suggest using store card points when purchasing Nail Envy.

So what have you been enjoying this month?  Is there anything you think Tori and I should be looking at. Leave your comments down below :)

I have no association with any of the products shown here or companies linked, these are my own personal view of them. All photos copyright of Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy, 2014

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