Sunday, 15 June 2014


a hint of mint... photos of my room to follow!

So I have *almost* finished decorating my new bedroom. It’s quite a small space and budget constraints dictate that donated or upcycled furniture will take centre stage in my new boudoir. I’ve never been particularly keen on DIY (hammers, nails, lack of coordination… nightmare) but I am pleased to say that my little furniture projects are going nicely (post to follow).

Prior to the move I had spent many a long hour thinking about colour schemes (look out for a future post on this) however moving house is an expensive affair and I was tired of waiting so I looked out a tub of white paint, mixed in some green I had lying around (Crown Tuscan Olive) et voila! The exact shade falls somewhere between mint and duck-egg and I love it. I did the skirting and windowsill with Homebase’s satinwood paint in the shade Rattan (can no longer find it online but Crown’s Toasted Almond is a lovely alternative). I can’t get over how fresh yet soft and feminine the room looks. Hang in there for a room tour but for now I want to talk about colour.
I wish I could say that I took inspiration from fashion trends such as this beautiful wedding dress or Pantone’s 337 but I have to be upfront and say that a combination of impatience and a tight budget forced me to get creative with the materials I had to hand. My colour scheme is a happy accident and sometimes those really are the best.
Green is one of my favourite colours, in fact my old bedroom was painted Tuscan Olive hence the leftover paint.  That room sported much higher ceilings, a cornice and a larger window: the heritage colour lent itself well to a period room. I loved the snug feel that the indulgent olive shade afforded my rather small Victorian bedroom and can vouch for the balancing properties of the colour. I instinctively knew that mid to dark green wouldn’t look quite right in my new-build, boxy bedroom and as blue is said to promote mental focus, clarity and serenity; my do-it-yourself hybrid shade of pale blue-green will hopefully promote the relaxation and harmony that I so desperately crave after months of move-related mayhem.


ah the joys of moving house

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