Sunday, 15 June 2014

Let's talk about jam baby

The first of every month is ‘Jute, Jam, and Joy’ day when we’ll share our view on some of the region’s finest local produce, and yes, we will be reviewing jams. [Ah the Internet, how I love thee. Yes Mish, don’t we all.]


Jute will represent a bag, or item of clothing we have found this month that makes our hearts flutter, bonus point if it actually contains jute. 

We love Jam. Especially a jam piece, simple as that. [Mish loves 'jam pieces' anyway.] Moreover, once a month we will taste-test a different Jam. No longer need you lovely people of the internet worry about what Jam to eat, forget your troubles, come on get happy... we'll spread the Jam love.
This section will be a fun little place, aiming to bring you some Joy: it could be a photo; a link to another page; or a little ditty we’ve collaborated on.  We just want to spread some joy amongst the world really.

Love T&M x

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