Monday, 6 October 2014

Mish: Winter is coming

Sorry this isn't a Game of Thrones themed post (who loves that show? Show of hands please, cannot wait for next series) but as it is FREAKIN Baltic here in Dundee today. I thought it's about time I start looking for a winter coat.

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I work my coats till the bitter death, most winter coats last roughly 2-3 years and after that I replace them. I usually have three different styles a waist length coat, a calf length coat and a waterproof.  All get a good work out protecting me against the harsh Scottish winter (and rest of the seasons ha) whilst walking the dog, going to work/shops/meetings, and even wrapping the dog up once when she accidently fell in a freezing pond.

So here are some of my favourite places to purchase a lovely new winter coat.


I love Joules. I first learned about the company whilst holidaying in England after walking into a horse riding store. The only Joules products then where polo shirts and some riding gear, it has been an absolute joy to see the company grow over the years. My waterproof for this winter is my Joules 3 in 1 Jacket. 

Dakota Womens 3 In 1 Waterproof Jacket
Marine Navy Dakota Waterproof 3 in 1

I adore this jacket which I've had for 2 years now and without a doubt will last me many more years to come. Yes it is pricey, but I believe totally worth it. (Dare I say better that the NorthFace waterproofs, eek). In this edition you actually have a nice quilted jacket attached, with mine I received a lovely navy gilet with red and white stripes on the inside, which is completely detachable. This jacket is perfect for grabbing as you head out the door, keeps you completely dry and warm. It works for both a casual and smart events and is all round a lovely jacket. Washes well and dries very quickly, the hood folds away into the collar and you can adjust how tight you wish it to be round your wrists, ideal if you are wearing a bulky jumper. I love this jacket so much that as long as Joules keeps producing them I will keep buying them.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill

Ah good auld Woollen Mill. Usually frequented by the more elderly population of Britain, this shop screams granny's wardrobe but I say most people are missing out. You can grab some wonderful basics at this store (also a good place to source Harris Tweed products) and 2 years ago I bought my beloved Navy Pea coat (now in coat heaven). I can't find a similar style on the website but I find actually heading into the store more productive. However just look at this beauty.

Quilted Coat

A classic black quilted coat. I love that you can nip in the waist to your preference, and the jackets at Woollen Mill all have handy deep pockets, perfect for holding gloves which seem to escape from all my other coats. I don't wish to generalise here but elderly people do tend to feel the cold more and I can vouch that the jackets I have tried from Edinburgh Woollen Mill keep you toasty even without a jumper. Finally if a shop sells Cashmere Combs you know there is some good Sh*t going down there.

Marks and Spencer

Another British classic, when I need a smart coat I always head here first. I own a lovely Lilac Princess style coat but without such a big flare at the waist from Marks and Spencer which never fails to receive complements. M&S have in the past produced the 'it' winter coat, and most likely will again this year. It's a little early to see what it will be but I think this Pale Pink Over coat number is scrumptious.

Double Breasted Longline Coat with Wool

This pink is just the right amount of girly pink but without looking like Barbie. I love double breasted jackets as I find the sit well over my larger chest, V neckline helps slim line the bust as well. Ideal for any winter weddings I would actually see this being thrown over a freezing bride after she has her photos taken; the pink would suit white perfectly. The wool look to this coat also makes it look even more luxurious.

Do you have an favourite places to buy coats? Any style you always go for? 
On a more serious note I always donate my unloved, but good condition coats to charity or a coats for the homeless drive. I urge you to all do the same. I'm incredibly lucky that I can afford three coats, where some people can't even afford one.
Thanks for reading. xx

Disclaimer: Jute, Jam and Joy do not claim rights to any photos. These are my own views and have no contact with any company mentioned.

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