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Mish | Agraria Lemon Verbena Crystal Cane Candle

Hope you are all enjoying candle month at Jute, Jam and Joy, here is a little something I picked up on my summer travels.

Agraria Lemon Verbena Crystal Cane Candle

I'm a sucker for all things lemon scented, especially candles. I find the scent comforting whilst also vibrant at the same time. It was actually the boxes not the scent which drew me to these candles first, and what a lovely box we have here. The orange wicker effect box and green label do nothing to prepare you for the wonder that is inside; where you are greeted by a beautiful glass holder and the most glorious scent of lemon.

The crystal glass holder is to quote the website.

"a modern interpretation of the woven palm leaf cases that were an Agraria trademark in the 1980s. The intricate glass pattern accentuates the movement of the flame to create a luminous and mesmerizing glow. Featuring hand-twisted lead-free wicks, each hand-poured candle is clean-burning and beautifully fragrant."


Once the initial candle has burnt away, the holder can be used for tea lights, (just imagine how they will twinkle in the glass, stunning) truthfully I would have happily purchased the holder on its own as they are so pretty. The silver plated lid sealed with the Agraria crest is a classy touch and can easily turn the glass into a cute place to store all your trinkets.

The candle itself is a pale lemon coloured wax, which when the glass catches the light gives the candle a lovely sunny glow even when not lit. The scent is without a doubt lemon but not in your face. A light fresh scent reminiscent of bruised lemon and a perfect match to the Aloysia citrodora plant commonly known as Lemon Verbena, more than likely the lemon flavouring used in the lemon tea you enjoy.

Before lighting candles I like to test how much it can scent a room before being lit. Agraria Lemon Verbena does extremely well, even with the lid on I can still smell the lemon and the smell lingers pleasantly in the air when I walk past. Once lit the candle is clean burning and emits a warm glow, the scent never becomes over powering (something I've noticed with other lemon scented candles) Created using Vegetable wax this candle has a burning time of roughly 25 hours.

Nothing nicer than a lit candle

Agraria is an American company originating in San Francisco. I bought my candle in Bloomingdales whilst in Chicago (the home store is a beautiful building, well worth a visit) sadly we don't have Bloomingdales in Britain however do not fear as they now post to the U.K! Hurrah! One thing I will say I have noticed whilst browsing the internet some photos show the wax to have a pink colour to it. This is the scent Bitter Orange candle (also divine) they are showing and not Lemon Verbena.

To summarise I adore this candle and I know this will be a repeat purchase, I can just imagine how stunning a row of these glass holders will look once filled with tea lights, and the best bit is before you gain a holder the original candle is a delight to burn.

You can find the Agraria page on the Bloomingdales website here ~ Link
Or for more selection here is the official Agraria website ~ Link
U.K stockist: Harrods ~ Link

Disclaimer: All views my own. I have no connection to any company mentioned in this post.

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