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Mish | Nails on Friday ~ Revlon No:731 Knockout

Hello everyone!

Revlon #731 Knockout

Let me tell you a secret. I really love a glossy black nail polish. To me it looks very classy and adds just a certain amount of edginess. Possibly my inner dark side is trying to come out, but I am still trying to find that perfect black polish.(Anybody else?) When I picked up Revlon's Knockout I had high hopes and honestly was left a little deflated.

Not that Knockout is a disaster far from it; it's just not what I expected. Revlon has always been a favourite brand of mine and one of the few brands where I actually have used all of their different products; from foundations to lip liners I've had it. Also the name Knockout? I always associate the word with red not black, but hey who am I to judge, I gave every goldfish I ever had as a child a double barrelled name. (Possibly due to the fact they lived in a castle??)

First nail = One Coat
Second Nail = 2 Coats

The polish itself applies smoothly as you would expect from Revlon, it dries very quickly, non streaky and if you were rushed you could get away with one coat. The brush hangs onto a lot of product so be sure to swipe the side of the bottle before application. I do love the handles of Revlon polishes they are one of the more comfortable to hold onto, but I feel the actual brush could be more tapered to make application easier.

During the first application I couldn't help but noticed a slight blue tinge to the polish. After the second coat the finish article is definitely black but I can't help think Knockout is a very very dark navy blue? Maybe this is why I am not entirely satisfied with it? Truthfully Knockout is your everyday black polish, but does look lovely when applied and does its job like a trooper. I found the polish did chip rather quickly (one day) but I'm giving it the benefit of doubt, my nails have been in a sorry state recently with peeling so I think this is the problem not the polish.

I do like Knockout as a everyday black polish however it doesn't fill my hunger for a very deep and glossy black polish (yes the hunger is real, mad I know). Halloween is today and if you are in need of a black nail polish then I urge you to hop on your Nimbus 2000 and purchase Knockout (your nails will thank me when you try removing the horrible cheap stuff supermarkets produce for Halloween) and it will easily see you through the winter months. If I needed a black polish for nail art I would most likely reach for Knockout so it has that bonus as well.

Revlon #731 Knockout rating 7/10
A good everyday black, but nothing out of the ordinary.

So after a wee break Nails on Friday is back! 
Do you have a favourite Black nail polish? 
Can you help me find the glossy black nail polish of my dreams? 
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Happy Halloween!

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