Monday, 4 May 2015

Superdrugs Vitamin E Moisture Mask

For the past few months my skin has been drier than normal. Over winter I noticed my usual face creams where not cutting the mustard when it came to combating my dry patches; I needed something more potent. Whilst trying to use up my pre-paid parking I wandered into Superdrug to pick up their Vitamin E Moisture Mask which I had heard lots about. For £2.59 you receive 75ml of mask in a sqeezey bottle, making application cleaner and more effective than applying from a tub.

I use the mask at night after cleansing; I apply a medium - thick layer over my face and just let it sink in. The packaging says to dab a way excess after 10-15 mins with a tissue but I prefer to just massage it into my skin (waist not want not and all that).

When morning comes I notice my skin is brighter and plumper, dry patches although not completely gone are severely diminished, and I feel with more regular use, as the packaging suggests, the mask would get rid of them completely.  I know people use this as a face cream in the morning before applying foundation however I feel my skin is still to slippy once its initially sunk in for it to work, but for those with extremely dry skin this could be the answer to your dry patchy foundation problems.

Vitamin E is the key ingredient here. Growing up my family was never big on skin care but it was drilled into me as a child that you don't need fancy face products just something containing vitamin E, both my parents since their teenage years moisturized their faces with some form of vitamin E cream and you can tell. Their skin is supple and bright with very few deep set wrinkles. Something I wish to emulate.

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I have been suffering from flu this past week and the skin around my nose and lips has become cracked and raw. It was with trepidation that I applied a thin layer to these parts to try and soothe them preparing myself for the inevitable sting. Guess what...Nothing happened bar a slight tickle, I nearly cried with happiness while bowing down to its greatness. This would be a good option for those whose medication dries their skin out.

Superdrugs Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mask does exactly what I want it to do. It leaves my skin looking brighter and more moisturized after one use. One thing that struck me is how good it would be for teenagers starting up a basic skincare routine. It's inexpensive, suitable for sensitive skin and would be an excellent option for boys who maybe don't feel comfortable admitting to using skin care as it can be used at night time. One things for sure I will be purchasing another when I go back to Superdrug.

 Have you tried any new face masks recently? 
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Mish xx

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  1. hello this sounds superb and a bargain! whats not to love will try it on your recommendation thank you from, my skin, and thanks too for the lovely comment about me sewing room!
    I am liking your blog and will be following along on blog lovin see ya!
    bestest daisy j x

    1. Hello daisy j! Thank you for the follow and glad you like the sound of the mask. Once again your sewing room is amazing and I'm really loving your blog. I've now caught the sewing bug again from reading it :)
      Mish x