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Nails on Monday: NCLA I Only Fly Private Review

Every so often a nail polish comes into your life that is so perfect for that moment in time it adorns your nails as soon as possible. NCLA's I only Fly Private is that polish. The day it arrived the first sun of spring had broken through the clouds and all was good in life. NCLA was a new brand to me before this bottle came with March's Glossybox, and here is what the brand has to say for themselves.

"We're a proudly "5 Free" luxury nail lacquer, meaning we are not only 100% free of DBP, toulene, and formaldehyde, but also of camphor and animal testing. Because we love our furry friends and toxins aren't fashionable."

Could it be any more perfect?

I Only Fly Private is described by NCLA as a bold, no apologies Bright Orange. Although the colour is bright, I wouldn't say it was in your face unlike my Pop Orange polish reviewed here: Link.

The colour is bright with a pastel tone to it, a creamy peachy/orange if you would. It stands out but isn't in your face; perfect for people who wish for a splash of colour.

The bottle itself is a lovely square design which is comfortable to hold during application, and the handle is smooth allowing a secure grip. Inside is a medium length brush where the bristles fan out towards the end. After two coats you are left with a glossy, nearly opaque base, however, three thin coats would be best, as I could see some nail base peeping through near my cuticle after two coats.  The polish did take longer to dry than other formulas which I'm putting down to the fact it doesn't contain any quick drying chemicals. As always I apply a top coat just for that extra protection.

Now I managed to smudge my nails once I painted them so after one one day, minimal chipping did appear which disheartened me a little, however, after four days my nails still looked acceptable; a quick application of top coat would tidy your nails up nicely if you were in a rush.

The nails after 1 coat. My camera battery died before I could take a shot once I painted the second coat but I like to see the initial colour when I'm looking at nail swatches.

To conclude I Only Fly Private is becoming a staple in my collection, something to fall back on when I can't decide what to do with my nails. The formula is lovely, the application is easy, the colour is fantastic, and the polish lasts on the nails. Now if only I could find a way to fly Private all the time...

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