Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Jute, Jam and Joy Christmas Advent Day 10

As Christmas rolls into town so do the Christmas television adverts. Advertising is a difficult thing to do any time of the year even more so at Christmas, but this year has been a serious mixed bag. Some adverts have stuck with the traditional Christmas theme of family, snow and joy. Some companies look like they have filmed a bog standard advert and whacked some festive tunes over the top i.e. disappointing.

However there is one advert which has done the rounds now for a number of years and always produces a smile/sing-along whenever it appears on our screen. Not many people would take on the might of the Snowman "Walking in the Air" song, but Irn-Bru have always laughed in the face of danger and produced possible one of the most Scottish Christmas Adverts ever. Enjoy.

IRN-BRU ~ Snowman Advert

And the original for reference.

The Snowman ~ Walking in the Air

Disclaimer: Jute, Jam and Joy claim no right to these videos.
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