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Tori & Mish | Dundee Flower and Food Festival 2014

Dundee Primary School's Art Attack!
We can't personally believe how quickly this year has gone by. Mish knew time was flying when she saw road signs advertising the Dundee Flower and Food festival 2014, it seemed like only yesterday it was last on. Sadly we missed the early bird ticket prices but a quick trip to Dundee city box office meant we didn't have to que up on the actual day. A lifesaver when both us were bursting for the loo when we finally arrived! (TMI? haha) Anyway, enjoy the post guys and let us know if you attended!

Mish's worst nightmare: Giant Leeks!
After forgetting which junction to take mid way through the journey, we finally arrived at the majestic opening to Camperdown park. A long drive winding through woodland (imagine what you see in Jane Austin adaptations on T.V.), before it emerges onto the largest public park in Dundee. The steward guides us to our parking space and it soon becomes clear that the 'Mish Wagon' does not like bumpy surfaces, we were bouncing along as if on horses. Jumping out of the car we make our way to the festival. A brisk two minute walk later, we hand our tickets to another steward and we're in!

 The legendary Arbroath Smokies
The area where the festival is held is only a small part of the park beside the 'big house'. It consists of 6 tents spread out over the area and stalls in the open spaces for people to eat, speak to charity groups, purchase goods and basically enjoy the atmosphere of the festival. The air is filled with the competing aromas of cooked food such as the comforting smell of Arbroath Smokies and wafts of BBQ buffalo burgers.

We spent a couple of hours trudging round in our wellies (it WAS muddy and we seemed to be in the minority- inappropriate footwear galore!) indulging in a whole lot of window shopping. There were candles, art works, skincare, ornaments, treen, pet supplies, clothing, you name it- they had it!
There was something to tempt everyone. One of the busiest tents was dedicated to gastronomic delights. We drooled over artisan confectionery, sauces, jams, spice mixes and were impressed by the wide variety of high quality veggies, meats and dairy products.Every day a special guest would cook something in the main tent. (Paul Hollywood attended last year).
Although Tori didn't indulge in any of the latter given her recent conversion to something between vegetarianism and vegan-ism, she was reliably informed that the buffalo burgers were to die for.

Yes, Jampionship is a real glorious thing!
Click here to see the this years winner! 


If ever she has come close to regretting her decision to go plant-based, it was at the Food and Flower Fest. Mish's parents had visited the festival the day before us and purchased some crazy-good strawberry chilli jam, doggy treats and were tempted by some of the outdoor furniture.

If you didn't manage to get to the festival this year then we would highly recommend you pop in for a look next time round. It was a lovely family friendly affair and there was some top-notch local produce on offer!

Representing the Salmon returning to a Highland spring from the sea.

So many tatties

Each little garden section was designed by a local group.
This was designed by Dundee & Angus College

Such a cute Wendy House.

Beside each flower display was a stall selling plants and flowers shown.

Bonsai: Simply stunning.

Created by a local Brownie unit, celebrating 100 years of Brownies

Pretty Ugly Plants and Tori agrees. 

We're a sucker for all things Bosnia

We were lagging a bit by this tent, but when this sight greets you its hard not to smile.
The smell was amazing.

Yes that is a Rice Krispies bowl you are seeing.
It became Mish's favourite flower presentation for the whole festival.

So did you visit the festival? Or do you have similar festivals in your area? 
Leave a comment below we love hearing from you!

P.S You know you have been to a Garden festival when you come away with one of these bad boys. There actually really nifty.

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