Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mish | Nails on Saturday

It's been a busy few weeks at Jute, Jam and Joy and we simply haven't had the time to keep up with regular blog posts. However I decided it's high time to get another Nails on (whatever day I remember to post) post up. I painted my nails (well, nail wheel), with a Sally Hansen polish, snapped my photos and started preparing my notes for this post when one word hit me like a steam train.


Pink is called Byte (09)
Blue is called Spectrum (14)

Not going to lie, had a little gasp to myself (possible a little tear, then another little tear fell realising how pathetic I am weeping over nail varnish). Yes my beloved Sally Hansen HD Nail Colour is no more. I bought these two babies whilst in the good auld U.S.A a couple of years ago and have loved them ever since. I love intricate nail art/styles but don't have the time to do it, so both these polishes appealed to me. Basically it looks like you have spent ages completing your manicure, when in truth you haven't, the shimmer is beautiful and does actually have a HD affect to it, making your nails look utterly gorgeous.  Both colours are vibrant; they attract attention but in a somehow classy way. If you were going to an event or work where crazy nail varnish is not allowed this would somehow be acceptable, I don't know how but let's just say they would.

Both bottles contains silver shimmer mixed with another colour, Byte has blue and Spectrum Pink

Nail polishes tend to have a high turnover in terms of new ranges replacing older ones. Sally Hansen does suggest her GEM Crush would be a prefect replacement (even thought I love them as well) I'm not convinced. The bonus the HD had was that the polish set smooth, there is no drag if you swipe your finger over it, as with some other shimmer polishes. Gem Crush on the other hand, man do those scratch if you don't apply at least two top coats.

I always apply three thin coats when using this product. You are then left with a stunning high shine, shimmer design which is turns opaque, the thing I love most about it. So many shimmer polishes are so darn streaky, not the problem with this.

One coat

Two coats
Three Coats
The photo doesn't really show a difference between the 2nd and 3rd coat, but the colour does appear deeper in the flesh.

I guess this post is turning into an ode to Sally Hansen HD Nail colours (apologies if I'm rambling) Its discontinuousness also does not help the reasoning I use all the time of don't worry the product still be there next month to purchase, you can buy it later...

So now I turn to you great Blogging Community, is there a dupe for the HD range?
 Or is there a better replacement to fill the void in my over filling nail polish box? 
Please let me know!

Discaimer: All photos copyright of Mish at Jute, Jam and Joy 2014


  1. That's really a shame. It looks great no matter how many coats you use. Wish I knew of a good replacement.

    1. I know, I guess all good things must come to an end at some point. I'll just have to enjoy the hunt for new nail polish now :)
      Mish xo