Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tori & Mish ~ Taking care of Business

Hello Everyone!

It feels like only yesterday we said we were back however life isn't always so simple, especially when Mish's laptop screen decided to turn blue. Fearing the Microsoft Blue Screen of Death her pride and joy was rushed to the I.T specialists and thankfully it was only a loose wire connection. Phew!
Our cameras are also not playing ball either and when both bloggers writing styles is get the photos first then write, this can cause problems.

However let us not dwell on such horror stories. December is nearly upon us and we have lots of exciting new posts for everyone. Expect some fantastic new beauty reviews, more Jute, Jam and Joy adventures, and a massive sprinkling of Christmas cheer! We also hope to show you some Christmas themed food and drink recipes so keep your eyes peeled for that.

So what has everyone been up to recently? Are we all excited for Christmas, or is it still to early for people? Let us know we love reading your comments.

And now to bring a little class to the whole laptop debacle. Enjoy.

Rainer Hersch - Microsoft Windows™ Waltz

Disclaimer: Jute, Jam and Joy claim no right to the photo or video.
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